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Econversations: Today's Students Discuss Today's Issues, CourseSmart eTextbook

By John J. Walters, Christopher D. Appel, Crystal A. Callahan, Nicholas L. Centanni, Steven A. Maex, Daniel G. O'Neill, Stephen J.K. Walters

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Jul 10, 2012

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A supplementary text for principles of economics courses.


Student’s burning questions about the economy, tied together in a discussion-provoking text.


Econversations: Today's Students Discuss Today's Issues—a book for students, by students—contains short chapters, covering the topics you’d find in the average economics principles textbook. These topics, however, are approached from a more accessible perspective—the perspective of students themselves. The goal of this text is to spark students’ interest in these topics and start conversations that will unearth new solutions to old problems, helping students see they really can make a difference in the world of economics.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Live Together, Die Alone: Competition, Cooperation, and International Trade
Chapter 2. The War on the Economy: Stimulus Spending and Job “Creation”
Chapter 3. (Don’t) Give Us Your Tired, Your Poor…: Labor Migration in the Land of the Free and Beyond
Chapter 4. Profits in the Political Marketplace: The Secret to Your Success?
Chapter 5. The $1,200 Sticks: Supply, Demand, and the Economics of Prohibition
Chapter 6. All You Can Eat: Demand and Supply at the Healthcare Buffet
Chapter 7. Green Is the New Black: Environmental Problems and Policy
Chapter 8. Santa, Inc.: Firm Decisions and the Pursuit of Profit
Chapter 9. Spiking the Punch: Financial Markets, Principals, Agents, and Moral Hazard
Chapter 10. Stairway to… Sweatshops?: What Foreign Factories Mean for You, Me, and the Developing World
Chapter 11. Why Men Love Tools: Poverty at the Personal and National Levels
Chapter 12. Land of the Free: Regulation, Redistribution, and Rights

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Econversations: Today's Students Discuss Today's Issues, CourseSmart eTextbook
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