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Educational Assessment of Students, CourseSmart eTextbook

By Susan M. Brookhart, Anthony J. Nitko

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jan 21, 2014

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For a wide variety of courses in classroom assessment.

This highly respected text offers the most comprehensive discussion of traditional and alternative assessments of any classroom assessment text–explaining, giving examples, discussing pros and cons, and showing how to construct virtually all of the traditional and alternative assessments teachers use in the classroom. The author explores assessment theories and research findings as they affect teaching and learning, and examines why, when, and how teachers should use assessment in the classroom. To the text's hundreds of practical examples are added checklists to aid in evaluating assessment vehicles and scores of strategies for assessing higher-order thinking, critical-thinking, and problem-solving skills.


  • NEW - Coverage of current topics in assessment including: formative assessment, differentiated instruction, response to intervention, universal design, and using technology for accommodations.
  • NEW - Two new appendices: Implementing the Principles of Universal Design via Technology-Based Testing and Answers to Even-numbered Exercises
  • NEW - Additional practical examples of classroom assessment “as it happens”—Throughout the text. Show students the exceptional range of assessment tools available—provide models for developing assessments, aligning assessments with lesson plans and standards, and creating both traditional and alternative assessments.
  • NEW - Coverage of ways to assess students' writing skills. Teaches students how to write prompts that effectively assess different writing genres—explains the development and use of rubrics to evaluate writing.
  • NEW - An introductory overview in every chapter—Poses the key questions that each chapter addresses and describes how each chapter is organized. Engages students' interest in chapter content—readies them for what's important in each chapter and helps them gauge their understanding.
  • NEW - A glossary. Provides for easy look-up of important terms and concepts.

Table of Contents

Brief Contents

Part I

The Bases for Assessment

1 Classroom Decision Making and Using Assessment                                                        

2 Describing the Goals and Learning Targets of Instruction                                                

3 Validity of Assessment Results                                                                                           

4 Reliability of Assessment Results                                                                                       

5Professional Responsibilities, Ethical Behavior, and Legal Requirements in Educational Assessments                                                                                                                                               


Part II

Crafting and Using Classroom Assessments

6 Planning for Integrating Assessment and Instruction                                                         

7 Diagnostic and Formative Assessments                                                                              

8 Completion, Short-Answer, and True-False Items                                                              

9 Multiple-Choice and Matching Exercises                                                                           

10 Essay Assessment Tasks                                                                                                     

11 Higher-Order Thinking, Problem Solving, and Critical Thinking                                       

12 Performance and Portfolio Assessments                                                                             

13 Preparing Your Students to Be Assessed and Using Students’ Results to Improve Your Assessments 

14 Evaluating and Grading Student Progress                                                                          


Part III

Interpreting and Using Standardized Tests

15 Standardized Achievement Tests                                                                                         

16        Interpreting Norm-Referenced Scores                                                                                

17       Finding and Evaluating Published Assessments                                                                 

18        Scholastic Aptitude, Career Interests, Attitudes, and Personality Tests    





Name Index

Subject Index      




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