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Educational Research: Fundamentals for the Consumer, 6th Edition

By James H. McMillan

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Mar 21, 2011


This book educates students to become intelligent consumers of educational research and introduces basic research principles to those who may eventually use research in their work.


Principles for conducting research and criteria for evaluating its overall credibility are presented in a concise manner, with numerous excerpts from published studies, to enable students to  learn to read, understand, and evaluate research, and judge the usefulness of the findings for educational practice. There is extensive use of aides to facilitate student learning, including chapter objectives, roadmaps and concept maps, study questions, consumer tips, over 150 examples from published articles (also includes full length articles), and author reflections. The Sixth Edition includes a more extensive presentation of experimental and quasi-experimental design, consistent with the current emphasis on conducting “scientific research,” qualitative data analysis, effect size, and two new chapters devoted to mixed-method studies and action research.

Table of Contents

To the Instructor

To the Student


Chapter 1: Introduction to Research in Education


Chapter 2: Research Problems, Variables, and Hypothesis


Chapter 3: Locating and Reviewing Related Literature


Chapter 4: Participants and Sampling


Chapter 5: Foundations of Educaitonal Measurement


Chapter 6: Data Collection Techniques


Chapter 7: Nonexperimental Quantitative Reseearch Designs


Chapter 8: Experimental Research Designs


Chapter 9: Understanding Statistical Inferences


Chapter 10: Qualitative Research Designs, Data Collection, and Analysis


Chapter 11: Mixed-Method Designs


Chapter 12: Action Research


Chapter 13: Discussion and Conclustions


Chapter 14: The Intelligent Consumer - Putting It All Together