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Effective College Learning, CourseSmart eTextbook, 2nd Edition

By Sherrie L. Nist-Olejnik, Jodi Patrick Holschuh, - A. Dorling Kindersley

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Jan 22, 2010

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Effective College Learning is an innovative, highly visual academic success textbook founded on contemporary research in learning theory.


Built on contemporary learning theory and offering a stunning design, Effective College Learning teaches the importance of how we learn and why, helping students become lifelong learners.

Table of Contents



Chapter 1 You Have Arrived: A Primer on College Life


Chapter 2 Getting Things Done: Organizing Yourself and Your Time


Chapter 3 Learning About Your Motivation, Attitudes, and Interests


Chapter 4 How Beliefs About Knowledge Impact Learning


Chapter 5 Identifying and Handling Stress


Chapter 6 How People Learn


Chapter 7 Figuring Out the Task


Chapter 8 Note Taking: Your Task in Class


Chapter 9 Active Reading


Chapter 10 Rehearsal Strategies


Chapter 11 Reviewing Strategies


Chapter 12 Preparing for and Taking Objective Exams


Chapter 13 Preparing for and Taking Essay and Specialty Exams


Chapter 14 Research, Resources, and Presentations


Chapter 15 Flexible Reading and Studying


Appendix A - Sample Psychology Textbook Chapter

Chapter 6, “Memory,” from Mastering the World of Psychology,

by S. E. Wood, E. G. Wood, and D. Boyd


Appendix B - Sample Biology Textbook Chapter

Chapter 21, “Nutrition, Digestion and Excretion” from Life on Earth, Fifth Edition, by T. Audesirk, G. Audersirk, and B. Byers.


Appendix C - Sample History Textbook Chapter

Chapter 25, “The Great Depression and the New Deal 1929-1939,” from The American Journey, Vol. 2, Fourth Edition, by D. Goldfield, C. Abbott, V. Anderson, J.E. Argersinger, P.H. Argersinger, W.L. Barney, and R.M. Weir.


Appendix D - Sample Psychology Textbook Chapter C

Chapter 2, “Hardware Bascis,” from Tomorrow's Technology and You, Eigth Edition, by G. Beekman, and M.J. Quinn.





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