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EKG in a Heartbeat, 2nd Edition

By Karen Ellis

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Feb 9, 2011


Unlike some pocket guides, which are miniature versions of textbooks a few hundred pages long, this pocket guide, EKG IN A HEARTBEAT, 2/e, has the tools readers need to help them read rhythm strips and 12-lead EKGs. Fast, accurate, and to the point in under 100 pages.


EKG IN A HEARTBEAT, 2/e, is not intended as an elementary text on electrocardiography. It’s a "how to do it" guide. It presumes at least a basic knowledge of EKG principles. If a comprehensive EKG textbook is required, consider Ellis: EKG Plain and Simple (ISBN: 0132377292).

Table of Contents

Basic Rhythm Interpretation

How to Analyze a Rhythm Strip                             

How to Determine the Regularity of a Rhythm                  

How to Calculate Heart Rate (Methods)                            

How to Calculate Heart Rate (Chart)                                  

How to Determine Intervals                                                

How to Identify Sinus Rhythms                                          

     Sinus Rhythms Pictorial                                               

How to Identify Atrial Rhythms                                       

     Atrial Rhythms Pictorial                                              

How to Identify Junctional Rhythms                                

     Junctional Rhythms Pictorial                                       

How to Identify Ventricular Rhythms                               

     Ventricular Rhythms Pictorial                                      

How to Identify AV Blocks                                               

     AV Blocks Pictorial                                                      

How to Identify Pacemaker Rhythms

     Pacemaker Rhythms Pictorial                                                                                                           

How to Identify Pacemaker Malfunctions                        

12-Lead EKG Interpretation

How to Place Leads for a Standard 12-Lead EKG            

How to Interpret 12-Lead EKGs (Criteria)                       

How to Interpret 12-Lead EKGs (Checklist)                    

How to Determine the Axis Quadrant                               

How to Identify Bundle Branch Blocks/Hemiblocks(Criteria)             

How to Identify Bundle Branch Blocks/Hemiblocks (Algorithm)        

How to Recognize a STEMI (ST Elevation MI) as it Evolves             

How to Determine the Age of an MI                                

How to Identify MI Location (Infarction Squares)           

How to Identify MI  Location (Criteria)                           

How to Identify MI Location (Algorithm)                        

     Anterior MI Pictorial                                                     

     Inferior MI Pictorial                                                      

     Lateral MI Pictorial                                                       

     Posterior MI Pictorial                                                    

     Extensive Anterior MI Pictorial                                    

     Anteroseptal MI Pictorial                                             

     NSTEMI Pictorial                                                        

How to Place Leads for a Right-Sided EKG                      

How to Identify Right Ventricular Infarction                    

How to Identify Pericarditis                                              

How to Identify Early Repolarization                              

Miscellaneous EKG Effects                                              


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