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EKG Plain and Simple, CourseSmart eTextbook, 3rd Edition

By Karen Ellis

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Feb 3, 2011

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For all courses on reading electrocardiograms, in curricula that include EKG/cardiac tech, nursing, critical care, paramedic, medicine, respiratory therapy, and exercise physiology.


Unlike books that encourage rote memorization, this conversationally-written text puts the student at the patient’s bedside, focusing not just on identifying rhythms or EKGs, but also on “Now what do I do for the patient?” Assuming no prior knowledge, it covers EKG from basic to advanced concepts. Part I progresses seamlessly from basic cardiac A&P through waves and complexes, lead morphology, and rhythms. Part II covers 12-lead interpretation, axis, hypertrophy, myocardial infarction, and more. The text presents many clinical scenarios, anecdotes, and critical thinking exercises, plus hundreds of practice rhythm strips and 12-lead EKGs. This edition adds new scenarios, chapter notes, and tables; more medication information; and new coverage ranging from MI symptoms to hemiblocks.

Table of Contents




1.         Coronary Anatomy and Physiology

2.         Electrophysiology

3.         Lead Morphology and Placement

4.         Technical Aspects of the EKG

5.         Calculating Heart Rate

6.         How to Interpret a Rhythm Strip

7.         Rhythms Originating in the Sinus Node

8.         Rhythms Originating in the Atria

9.         Rhythms Originating in the AV Junction

10.       Rhythms Originating in the Ventricles

11.       AV Blocks

12.       Rhythm Practice Strips



13.       How to Interpret a 12-Lead EKG

14.       Myocardial Infarction

15.       12-Lead EKG Practice

16.       Medications and Electrical Therapy

17.       Diagnostic Electrocardiography

18.       Putting It All Together: Critical Thinking Scenarios



Answers to Skills Practice Questions, End-of-Practice Quizzes, and Critical Thinking Exercises Questions                                                             


Glossary of Abbreviations


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