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By Richard Gartee, Sharyl Beal

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jul 28, 2011

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Electronic Health Records and Nursing
By Richard Gartee, Sharyl Beal

Online Student Resources -- Access Card -- for Electronic Health Records and Nursing
By Richard Gartee, Sharyl Beal


For use in any nursing course that covers electronic health records, in universities, community colleges, and private nursing schools offering associate or baccalaureate nursing degrees; as well as in LPN/LVN programs. Also for nursing informatics students who have not yet used EHRs; and for licensed nurses learning EHR technology in continuing education settings.


This is the complete “learn by doing” text for every nurse and nursing student who must use an electronic health records system. In support of federal mandates and the profession’s commitment to transition to EHR systems, this book thoroughly explains both EHR tasks and functional benefits, integrating EHR history, theory, and benefits with hands-on opportunities to experience actual EHR environments. Reflecting current EHR rules, regulations, and innovations, it contains comprehensive guided and critical thinking exercises utilizing actual EHR software, standardized EHR nomenclature, and the Nursing Process. To gain a firm foundation of understanding, students apply EHR in inpatient and outpatient nursing, home care, nursing home, pediatric, hypertension clinic, and other practice settings. This text also contains a full chapter on electronic nursing care plans.


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Table of Contents

1. Electronic Health Records–An Overview

2. Functional EHR Systems

3. Learning Medical Record Software

4. Increased Familiarity with the Software

5. Data Entry At The Point of Care

6. Electronic Nursing Care Plans

7. Understanding Electronic Orders

8. Problem Lists, Results Management, and Trending

9. Data Entry Using Flow Sheets and Anatomical Drawings

10. Subacute Care, Nursing Homes, and Home Care

11. Using the Internet to Expedite Care

12. Using the EHR for Prevention and Health Maintenance


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