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Elementary Children's Literature: Infancy through Age 13, 4th Edition

By Nancy L. Anderson

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jul 15, 2012


Elementary Children’s Literature, 4e by Nancy A. Anderson, gives pre-service teachers of elementary, early childhood, and special education students—plus media specialists and parents of children aged infancy through 13—a comprehensive look at children’s literature in general plus information about hundreds of today’s best books in children’s literature. Organized around genres; written in a conversational tone; and packed with teaching strategies, technology applications, authoritative coverage of multicultural literature, and many instructional tie-ins, the book helps teachers and parents apply their knowledge of literature to help children grow in their language and reading abilities.

Table of Contents

Part One: Entering the World of Children’s Literature


1.   Introduction to the World of Children’s Literature

      Defining Literature for Children

      The Birth of Modern Children’s Literature

      Book Illustrations

      The Genres of Literature

      The Dewey Decimal System

      Book Formats

      The Value of Children’s Literature

      Prereading Schema Building



2.   Elements of Quality Children’s Literature

      Book Awards

      Literary Elements

      Responding to Literature

      Reader Response Theory by Gloria Houston

      Literature Circles

      Developing a Classroom Library by Susan E. Knell



3.   The Art of Illustration

      Evaluating Illustrations

      The Union of Art and Text

      Visual Elements of Artistic Design

      Artistic Styles

      Artistic Media and Techniques

      Integrating Visual Art and Literature by Janet C. Richards



4.   Early Childhood Books

      Books of Early Childhood

      Motivating Children to Become Lifelong Readers by Susan E. Knell



5.   Traditional Literature

      Evaluating Traditional Literature



      Themes of Traditional Literature

      The Subgenres of Traditional Literature



Part Two: The Boundless World of Fiction


6.   Modern Fantasy

      Evaluating Modern Fantasy

      The Beginnings of Fiction and Modern Fantasy

      Types of Fantasy



7.   Animal Fantasy

      Evaluating Animal Fantasy

      Milestones in Animal Fantasy

      Types of Animal Fantasy



8.   Culturally Diverse Literature

      Evaluating Culturally Diverse Literature

      Categories of Culturally Diverse Books

      Misrepresentation of Culture

      Latino Literature by Alcione N. Ostorga

      African American Literature by Sabrina A. Brinson

      Asian American Literature by Ni Chang

      Native American Literature

      Literature of Religious Cultures



9.   Contemporary Realistic Fiction

      Evaluating Contemporary Fiction

      Characteristics of Contemporary Realistic Fiction


      Bibliotherapy by Dan T. Ouzts and Mark J. Palombo






      Social Reality

      Personal Issues


      Censorship by Jenifer Jasinsky Schneider


10. Historical Fiction

      Evaluating Historical Fiction

      Characteristics of Historical Fiction

      Biographic Historical Fiction

      Researching Historical Fiction

      Scott O’Dell Award

      Periods Depicted in Historical Fiction

      Enhancing Curriculum with Historical Fiction by Sharon Smith



Part Three: Discovering the World through Nonfiction


11. Biography and Autobiography

      Evaluating Biography

      Reading Biographies for Pleasure

      Types of Biography

      Forms of Biography

      Integrating Biography with the Study of History

      Enhancing Curriculum with Biography by Sharon Smith



12. Informational Books

      Evaluating Informational Books

      Characteristics of Informational Books

            Enhancing Curriculum with Informational Books

      Building a Foundation for Content Area Reading

      Graphic Organizers



13. Poetry and Verse

      Evaluating Poetry and Verse

      Characteristics of Poetry and Verse

      Forms of Poetry

      Poetry in Our Culture

      NCTE Award for Excellence in Poetry for Children

      Developing Love (or Hate) for Poetry

      Types of Poetry Books

      The Value of Poetry in the Classroom by Georgann C. Wyatt



14. Teaching Reading through Literature

      Reading Aloud to Children

      Sustained Silent Reading

      Reading Instruction with Trade books

      Children’s Oral Reading

      Guided Silent Reading

      Implementing a Yearlong Literature Program





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Elementary Children's Literature: Infancy through Age 13, 4th Edition

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