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Emergency Care, 11th Edition

By Daniel J. Limmer, Michael F. O'Keefe, Harvey T. Grant, Bob Murray, J. David Bergeron, Ed T. Dickinson

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Aug 14, 2008


The 11th edition is the most recent in a long line of editions that have provided high quality, understandable, and technically accurate material to generations of EMT students. For over 30 years, Emergency Care has been the book instructors have chosen to prepare their students for the test…and the field.

This edition of Emergency Care has been thoroughly updated to reflect important changes in science and practice. 
Two new features have also been added that reflect the vital impact EMTs have on their patients: Point of View, which tells stories of EMS care from the patient’s perspective, and Critical Decision Making, which introduces students to real-life decisions they will face on the street.

Table of Contents

Module 1          Preparatory
Chapter 1: Introduction to Emergency Medical Care
Chapter 2: The Well-Being of the EMT-Basic
Chapter 3: Medical/Legal and Ethical Issues
Chapter 4: The Human Body
Chapter 5: Lifting and Moving Patients

Module 2          Airway
Chapter 6: Airway Management

Module 3          Patient Assessment
Chapter 7: Scene Size-Up
Chapter 8: The Initial Assessment
Chapter 9: Vital Signs and SAMPLE History
Chapter 10: Assessment of the Trauma Patient
Chapter 11: Assessment of the Medical Patient
Chapter 12: Ongoing Assessment
Chapter 13: Communications
Chapter 14: Documentation

Module 4          Medical Emergencies
Chapter 15: General Pharmacology
Chapter 16: Respiratory Emergencies
Chapter 17: Cardiac Emergencies
Chapter 18: Acute Abdominal Emergencies
Chapter 19: Diabetic Emergencies and Altered Mental Status
Chapter 20: Allergic Reactions
Chapter 21: Poisoning and Overdose Emergencies
Chapter 22: Environmental Emergencies
Chapter 23: Behavioral Emergencies
Chapter 24: Obstetric and Gynecological Emergencies
Chapter 25: Putting It All Together for the Medical Patient

Module 5          Trauma Emergencies
Chapter 26: Bleeding and Shock
Chapter 27: Soft-Tissue Injuries
Chapter 28: Musculoskeletal Injuries
Chapter 29: Injuries to the Head and Spine
Chapter 30: Putting It All Together for the Trauma Patient

Module 6          Younger and Older Patients
Chapter 31: Infants and Children
Chapter 32: Special Needs Patients
Chapter 33: Geriatric Patients

Module 7          Operations
Chapter 34: Ambulance Operations
Chapter 35: Gaining Access and Rescue Operations
Chapter 36: Special Operations
Chapter 37: Terrorism and EMS

Module 8          Advanced Airway Management
Chapter 38: Advanced Airway Management

Appendix A: ALS Assist Skills
Appendix B: BCLS
Appendix C: The Future of EMS Education
Appendix D:  Answers

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