PACKAGE ISBN-13: 9780132555869

By Daniel J. Limmer

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Feb 15, 2010

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NEW Text Resources -- Access Card -- for EMR Complete
By Daniel J. Limmer

EMR Complete: A Worktext
By Daniel J. Limmer


EMR Complete: A Worktext  is Brady’s first EMR offering that meets the National EMS Education Standards. This worktext is a combination text/workbook that reinforces student learning by enabling students to instantly apply knowledge throughout a chapter, not just at the end. In addition to the worktext format of the book, several pedagogical components have been integrated to ensure optimal student learning, including: a Navigation Guide, Objectives, Key Terms, Media Resources, “Stop, Review, Remember” exercises, and “Big Picture” scene illustrations. Review, Practice Examinations, Critical Thinking sections, and Case Studies reinforce key concepts and require the student to apply what they have learned, making this a true worktext. The knowledge and skills presented in this text maintain the perspective of the most important person in the EMS System—the one who arrives first.  


0132555867 / 9780132555869 EMR Complete with New Text Resources Access Card

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0135037719 / 9780135037713 EMR Complete: A Worktext

0135081424 / 9780135081426 NEW Text Resources -- Access Card -- for EMR Complete


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