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Environment and Society, 5th Edition

By Charles Harper

Published by Routledge

Published Date: Jul 13, 2011

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Environment and Society relates to a diverse audience and encompasses viewpoints from a variety of natural and social science approaches.

This integrative book about human-environment relations connects many issues about human societies, ecological systems, and environments with data and perspectives from different fields of study. Its viewpoint is primarily sociological and it is designed for courses in Environmental Sociology and Environmental Issues, or taught in departments of Sociology, Environmental Studies, Anthropology, Political Science, and Human Geography.

Table of Contents

 1. Environment, Human Systems, and Social Science 2. Humans and the Resources of the Earth: Sources and Sinks  3. Global Climate Change  4. Energy and Society  5. Population, Environment, and Food  6. Globalization, Growth, and Sustainability  7. Transforming Structures. Markets and Politics  8. Environmentalism. Ideology and Collective Action  


Environment and Society, 5th Edition

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