Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, CourseSmart eTextbook

By Frank Ward

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Oct 17, 2005

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Grounded in economic theory, Environmental and Natural Resource Economics provides an introduction to environmental and natural resource issues and describes methods of addressing, understand, and even solve a wide range of natural resource problems. Using simple algebra and a basic understanding of microeconomic theory, it shows how the tools of economists can help design practical policy solutions to challenging environmental problems. The text is relevant, timely, and current–citing over 450 sources published since the year 2000.  Using an objective voice and a theory-based perspective, the author discusses future environmental policy options for our nation and our world.

Table of Contents

 1.    Approaching Economics

 2.    Economic Thinking

 3.    Economic Theory

 4.    Institutional Breakdown

 5.    Decision Support for Environmental Policy

 6.    The Discount Rate

 7.    Valuing the Environment

 8.    Forests

 9.    Rangelands

10.    Water

11.    Food

12.    Fisheries

13.    Energy

14.    Population  

15.    Climate Change

16.    Environmental Quality and Pollution

17.    Environmental Risk

18.    Environmental Justice

19.    Sustainable Development 

Appendix A: Supply and Demand Mathematics

Appendix B: Total Benefit, Marginal Benefit, and Consumer Surplus

Appendix C: Use of Programming Methods to Value Public Actions

Appendix D: Improving Cost-Effectiveness of Environmental Programs

Appendix E: Preferences, Demand, and Benefits

Appendix F: Incentive Compatibility in Contingent Valuation Studies

Appendix G: Critiques of Contingent Valuation

Appendix H: Infinite Time Horizons and Forest Rotation Analysis

Appendix I: Dynamic Efficiency for a Depletable Resource



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