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Environmental Issues: An Introduction to Sustainability, 3rd Edition

By Robert L. McConnell, Daniel C. Abel

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Apr 3, 2007

Table of Contents


Basic Concepts and Tools.

Part One: Principles of Sustainability.

Part Two: Population and Migration.

1. Global Population Growth: Is it Sustainable?

2. Carrying Capacity and Ecological Footprint.

3. Coastal Population Growth: Bangladesh.

4. The Impact of Migration.

Part Three: Climate Change.

5. Greenhouse Gases and Climate Change.

6. The Challenges of Climate Change.

Part Four: Energy.

7. Oil and Natural Gas.

8. Coal.

9. Bringing the World to The U.S. Standard of Living.

10. Sustainable Energy.

Part Five: Consumption and the Quality of Life.

11. Global Water Supplies: Are they Sustainable?

12. Motor Vehicles and the Environment.

13. Motor Vehicles and the Environment: Global Trends.

14. Whacker Madness? The Proliferation of Turfgrass.

15. The Impact of Interjurisdictional Waste Disposal: Truckin’ Trash.

16. Mining: Is It Sustainable?

17. Environmental Health: POPs.

Part Six:  hreats to Ecosystems.

18. Global Grain Production: Can We Beef It Up?

19. Soils and Sustainable Societies.

20. The State of Global Forests.

21. Restoring Estuaries: Chesapeake Bay.

22. Illegal Immigration.

23. Catch of the Day: The State of Global Fisheries.

Part Seven: Sustainability and the Individual.

24. Sustainable Communities: Sprawl vs. Smart Growth.

25. Sustainable Coastal Development.

26. Sustainable Buildings and Housing.

27. The Three R’s: Reduction, Recycling, Reuse.

28. A Sustainable Diet.

29. The Sustainable Campus.

30. Restoration Ecology.



Environmental Issues: An Introduction to Sustainability, 3rd Edition

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