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Ergonomics: Body Mechanics and Self Care for Bodyworkers

By Diane Redman, Ardath Lunbeck

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Dec 27, 2010


ERGONOMICS: BODY MECHANICS AND SELF CARE FOR BODYWORKERS, 1/e is a comprehensive, engaging text which helps students develop good ergonomic habits by assessing their biomechanics and gaining an internal awareness of their posture and movement patterns. It combines hands-on  techniques for kinesthetic learners, aesthetically pleasing photography for visual learners, and reviews of anatomy and kinesiology that link scientific principles with personal body mechanics and self-care. It presents student-centered coverage of multiple self-care topics, including exercise, self-massage, relaxation techniques, and stress management, helping practitioners extend their careers and improve their health. Exclusive threaded worksheets enable students to build on what they’ve learned in previous chapters, performing tasks that reflect a holistic understanding of diverse ideas and techniques.

Table of Contents

Part I. Foundations of Ergonomics and Body Mechanics

1. Introduction to Ergonomics

2. Postural Assessment

3. Assessment of Motion

4. Common Postural Distortions


Part II. Principles into Practice: Techniques, Environment and Self-Care

5. Ergonomic Techniques for the Bodyworker

6. Workplace Environment

7. Self-Care: Exercise

8. Self-Care: Self-Massage

9. Self-Care: Stress Buster


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