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Esoteric Investor, The: Alternative Investments for Global Macro Investors

By Vishaal B. Bhuyan

Published by FT Press

Published Date: Jun 15, 2011

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Massive demographic, environmental, economic, and regulatory shifts are generating huge new investment opportunities with an exceptionally high probability of success over the coming years and decades. In The Esoteric Investor, a world-class portfolio manager identifies these investments, and shows how your best profit opportunities may now lie far beyond the boundaries of traditional financial markets.


LifeQuant Capital Management principal Vishaal B. Bhuyan begins by explaining why investors must become far more creative in the way they source opportunity. Next, he identifies immense growth potential in markets ranging from reverse equity transactions to longevity risk–the $24 trillion market you've never heard of. Bhuyan also shows how global events offer sustained profit opportunities in three key markets most investors consistently ignore.


If you're looking for promising investments that everyone else doesn't already know about, The Esoteric Investor offers the unique perspective you've been seeking.

Table of Contents

Introduction     1


Part I: Investing in Demographics

Chapter 1        Building the Demographic Framework     7

Chapter 2        Longevity and Mortality Risk Markets     27

Chapter 3        Reverse Equity Transactions     55


Part II: The Tuna Trade

Chapter 4        The Bluefin Tuna     85

Chapter 5        Tsukiji Fish Market     133

Chapter 6        Fishing for Maguro     167


Part III: Blue Gold

Chapter 7        Water: Who Has It, and Who Doesn’t     181

Chapter 8        Mimicking the Water Cycle: Making Water Potable     193

Chapter 9        The Politics and Geopolitics of Water     209

Chapter 10      Investment Implications and Opportunities     225

Bibliography     241

Index     283