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Essentials of Dental Radiography, CourseSmart eTextbook, 9th Edition

By Evelyn Thomson, Orlen Johnson

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Jan 18, 2011

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For courses in oral radiography as part of programs for dental assistants and hygienists.


This clear, up-to-date, and student-friendly texttightly links oral radiological principles with modern practice. It presents all information needed for introductory courses in dental radiography, preparing students for board and licensing examinations while offering real-world resources for clinical practice and patient management. Coverage includes: historical perspectives, radiation basics, biologic effects and protection, dental X-ray image receptors, processing techniques; dental radiographer fundamentals, intraoral and extraoral techniques, radiographic errors, quality assurance; mounting and viewing radiographs, and patient management. This Ninth Edition integrates coverage of digital imaging throughout, presents paralleling and bisecting techniques in separate chapters, and adds a new chapter on safety and environmental responsibilities. It also contains many new study questions and improved images.

Table of Contents

PART I: Historical Perspective and Radiation Basics

1. History of Dental Radiography

2. Characteristics and Measurement of Radiation

3. The Dental X-ray Machine: Components and Functions

4. Producing Quality Radiographs


PART II: Biological Effects of Radiation and Radiation Protection

5. Effects of Radiation Exposure

6. Radiation Protection


PART III: Dental X-ray Image Receptors and Processing Techniques

7. Dental X-ray Film

8. Dental X-ray Film Processing

9. Digital Radiography


PART IV: Dental Radiographer Fundamentals

10. Infection Control

11. Legal and Ethical Responsibilities

12. Patient Relations and Education


PART V: Intraoral Techniques

13. Intraoral Radiographic Procedures

14. The Periapical Examination-Paralleling Technique

15. The Periapical Examination-Bisecting Technique

16. The Bitewing Examination

17. The Occlusal Examination


PART VI: Radiographic Errors and Quality Assurance

18. Identifying and Correcting Undiagnostic Radiographs

19. Quality Assurance in Dental Radiography.

20. Safety and Environmental Responsibilities in Radiography


PART VII: Mounting and Viewing Dental Radiographs

21. Mounting and Introduction to Interpretation

22. Recognizing Normal Radiographic Anatomy

23. Recognizing Deviations from Normal Radiographic Anatomy

24. The Use of Radiographs in the Detection of Dental Caries

25. The Use of Radiographs in the Evaluation of Periodontal Diseases


PART VIII: Patient Management and Supplemental Techniques

26. Radiographic Techniques for Children

27. Managing Patients with Special Needs

28. Supplemental Radiographic Techniques


PART IX: Extraoral Techniques

29. Extraoral Radiography and Alternate Imaging Modalities

30. Panoramic Radiography


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