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Essentials of Processes, Systems and Information, Student Value Edition

By Earl H. McKinney, David M. Kroenke

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Feb 22, 2013


For readers who want a hands-on approach to business processes.

Essentials of Processes, Systems, and Information with SAP Tutorials provides a concise introduction to MIS with a hands-on approach to business processes.

Authored by Earl H. McKinney, Jr. and David M. Kroenke, the book shows exactly how businesses use information systems and technology to accomplish their goals, objectives, and competitive strategy. Packed with examples of business situations, both real and fictitious, the book helps readers understand what business systems actually are—and see why they are so important.

Table of Contents

1. Business Processes, Information Systems, and Information
2. Using IS to Improve Processes
3. Supporting Processes with ERP Systems
4. Supporting the Procurement Process with SAP
Appendix 4. SAP Procurement Tutorial
5. Supporting the Sales Process with SAP
Appendix 5. SAP Sales Tutorial