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Estimating in Building Construction, 8th Edition

By Steven J. Peterson, Frank R. Dagostino

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Feb 20, 2014


The only complete, up-to-date guide to estimating modern building construction projects -- now updated, expanded, and incorporating many additional workbook problems.


Now updated and expanded, Estimating in Building Construction, Eighth Edition, brings together everything needed for a complete, modern course in estimating. Building on well-proven previous editions, it combines sound coverage of principles with step-by-step procedures to help students learn concepts more easily. Ideal for construction, architecture, and engineering students, it reflects the popular approach of tracking a complete project's progress. There are examples of estimating portions of the building that many General Contractors perform, and thorough coverage of the use of specialty subcontractors. This edition adds a new discussion of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and more detailed discussions of estimating equipment cost, electrical, plumbing (including fire sprinklers), and HVAC. For convenience and cost savings, workbook problems that accompanied the previous edition have been incorporated into the book.


Teaching and Learning Experience


This book will help construction, architecture, and engineering students quickly master today's best practices for estimating building construction projects. It provides:

  • Extensive examples and problems designed to link theory to practice: Helps students deepen the judgment skills they will need to succeed in real-world estimating
  • Expanded and updated coverage of today's key challenges and techniques–Helps students master the latest industry practices and standards, and utilize key innovations such as Building Information Modeling
  • Includes extensive reference resources for professional estimating: Gives students resources they can rely on throughout their careers, from sample specifications to spreadsheets

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Estimating

2. Contracts, Bonds, and Insurance

3. Project Manual

4. The Estimate

5. Computers in Estimating

6. Overhead and Contingencies

7. Labor

8. Equipment

9. Excavation

10. Concrete

11. Masonry

12. Metals

13. Wood

14. Thermal and Moisture Protection

15. Doors and Windows

16. Finishes

17. Electrical

18. Plumbing

19. Heating, Ventilating, and Air-Conditioning

20. Profit

21. Other Estimating Methods


Appendix A. Drawings and Outline Specifications for Small Commercial Building

Appendix B. Drawings and Outline Specifications for Residential Building Project

Appendix C. Drawings and Outline Specifications for Commercial Building Project

Appendix D. Common Terms Used in the Building Industry

Appendix E. Conversions

Appendix F. Billy’s C-Store

Appendix G. Real Estate Office

Appendix H. Bidsim

Appendix I. Spreadsheets


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