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Ethics and Public Policy: Method and Cases

By William Bluhm, Robert A Heineman

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jul 25, 2006

Table of Contents

Chapter I - Introduction
                        Ethics and Policy-Making
Chapter II – American Political Culture: Core Values
                        Five Value Clusters
                        Values and Generational Change            
Chapter III – A Framework for Ethical Public Policy Analysis
                        Deontological Ethics (Kantianism)
                       Prudent Pragmatism
Chapter IV  –  Prudent Pragmatism and Consensus: Case Ethics in Monist and in Pluralist 
                        `            Society
                        The Fusion of Religion and Politics in Monist Society
                        Case Morality in Monist Society
                        Casuistry in Medieval Europe
                        Consensus in Pluralist Society
Chapter V – Prudent Pragmatism and Democratic Polity: Citizen, Representative, and
                                         Policy Analyst
                       Citizenship in a Democracy
                       Representation and Representatives
                       Policy Analysis in Deliberative Democracy
                         PART TWO: ISSUES AND CASES
Preface to Part Two
Chapter VI – National Health Care Policy
                        The United States Public Health System
                       Controlling Tobacco As a Hazardous Substance
                                       Case Study: New York’s Response to Second-Hand Smoke
                                        Paying for Individual Health Care: The Insurance Dilemma
                                       Prescription Drugs and Medicare: A Case  Study
Chapter VII – Criminal Justice
                        The Administration of Criminal Justice: An Historical Perspective
                                        Racial Profiling and the War on Drugs
                                         Racial Profiling in New Jersey: A Case Study
                        Combating Subversion: Crime Control or War
                                         The Lackawanna Six:  A Case Study

Chapter VIII – Social Welfare in the U.S.: Conflicting Principles of Distributive                
                         The Welfare State in Europe and in America
                         America’s Response to Immigration: Illegals and Welfare
                                          Welfare and Illegal Aliens: the Case of California
                          Health Care for the Poor
                                          Medicaid and the Poor in Allegany County: A Case Study 
Chapter IX – Biotechnology and Humanity
                        The Biotechnology Revolution
                        Public Control of Scientific Research
                        Stem Cell Research
                                         The Bush Prohibition: A Case Study
                         Organ Transplantation and Organ Donation
                                         Enhancing the Organ  Supply by Changing the Moral     
                                                                           Culture: A Case Study
 Chapter X – The Natural Environment and Human Well-Being
                        Environmental Policy a Major Concern
                        Clean Air
                                        The Clear Skies Initiative: A Case Study
                The Harnessing of America’s Rivers
                                      Problems and Contradictions in the Dam Complex:
                                                                                      A  Case Study
 Chapter XI – Ethical Defense
                        America in the World: Leader or Hegemon?

                        America at War
                        Preemptive War
                                       The Invasion of Iraq: A Case Study

                        The Treatment of Enemy Prisoners in Wartime: Jus in Bello
                              Interrogations in Abu Ghraib Prison: A Case Study 
Chapter XII- Conclusion



Ethics and Public Policy: Method and Cases

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