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Ethnic Families in America: Patterns and Variations, 5th Edition

By Roosevelt Wright, Charles H. Mindel, Thanh Van Tran, Robert W. Habenstein

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jun 22, 2011

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-->A mosaic of ethnic groups
Reflecting the social and political dynamics in the United States, this edited volume offers an inclusive look at multicultural diversity in the U.S. with extensive coverage of the family life styles, traditions and values of seventeen American ethnic groups.


Providing unique and personal insights, each chapter is written by a contributing author representing a particular ethnic group and is structured in a similar pattern - covering the historical background, key ethnic cultural components, traditional and current ethnic family characteristics, and changes and adaptations to the ethnic family and culture. The book is suitable for undergraduate courses in Sociology of the Family, Sociology of Minority Groups, Social Work with Minority Groups, and Race and Ethnicity.


Learning Goals
Upon completing this book, readers should be able to:

  • Have a better understanding at the multicultural diversity of families in the United States
  • Have a deeper understanding of family life styles, traditions, and values of a wide range of ethnic families in America

Table of Contents




Part I: Setting the Stage


Chapter 1: Diversity Among American Ethnic Minorities

Roosevelt Wright

Charles H. Mindel

Jeanette R. Davidson


Chapter 2: A “Then and Now” Overview of the Immigrant Family in America

Charles A. Mindel

Robert W. Habenstein


Part II: European Ethnic Families


Chapter 3: The Irish-American Family

Patricia J. Fanning


Chapter 4: The Greek-American Family

Anna Karpathakis


Chapter 5: The Italian-American Family

Danielle Battisti


Chapter 6: The Polish-American Family

Mary Patrice Erdmans


Part Three: Hispanic / Latino Ethnic Families


Chapter 7: The Mexican-American Family

Rosina M. Becerra


Chapter 8: The Cuban-American Family

Zulema E. Suárez

Rose M. Perez


Chapter 9: The Puerto Rican-American Family

Lirio K. Negroni


Chapter 10: The Dominican-American Family

Ramona Hernandez


Part IV: Asian American Ethnic Families


Chapter 11: The Korean-American family

Pyong Gap Min

Chigon Kim


Chapter 12: The Vietnamese-American Family

Thanh Van Tran

Phu Tai Phan


Chapter 13: The Chinese-American Family

Morrison G. Wong


Chapter 14: The Japanese-American Family

Arthur Sakamoto

ChangHwan Kim

Isao Takei


Chapter 15: The Filipino-American Family

Carl L. Bankston III


Chapter 16: The Asian Indian-American Family

Uma A. Segal


Part V: Historically Subjugated Ethnic Families


Chapter 17: The African-American Family

Dwain A. Pellebon


Chapter 18: The Native American Indian Family

Robert John


Part VI: Socio-Religious Ethnic Families


Chapter 19: The Jewish-American Family

Charles H. Mindel

Bernard Farber

Bernard Lazerwitz


Chapter 20: The Amish-American Family

Donald B. Kraybill

Gertrude Enders Huntington


Chapter 21: The Mormon-American Family

David C. Dollahite


Chapter 22: The Muslim-American Family

Bahira Sherif Trask



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