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Evidence Based Design: A Process for Research and Writing, CourseSmart eTextbook

By DAK Kopec, Edith Sinclair, Bruce Matthes

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Jan 3, 2011

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For courses in Research Methods, Design Research, Design Thesis, or Dissertation Preparation.


Evidence-Based Design: A Process for Research and Writing serves as a guide to help students conceptualize and formulate their design ideas and then to evaluate and test those ideas through a succinct, organized process. The result is the culmination of a comprehensive document that articulates a design concept and justifies key design attributes. Step-by-step, students are guided through the process of writing a robust, research-based document geared towards empirical design research. From developing a critical position to performing a thorough review of the literature to providing an overview of common research methods, this text is a perfect guide for students producing an evidence-based thesis or dissertation.

Table of Contents

Chapter One: Call for Methods-Based Research

­­­­­­­Chapter Two: Importance of Citations

Chapter Three: Developing a Line of Logic

Chapter Four: Formation of a Topic and Argument

Chapter Five: Review of Literature

Chapter Six: Issues in Research

­­­­­­Chapter Seven: Methods

Chapter Eight: Site Analysis and Case Studies

­­­­Chapter Nine: Surveys, Interviews and Observations

Chapter Ten: Historical Analysis Method and Photo Analysis Method
Chapter Eleven: Experimentation and Computer Modeling

­­­Chapter Twelve: The Final Phase

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Evidence Based Design: A Process for Research and Writing, CourseSmart eTextbook
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