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Evidence-Based Instruction in Reading: A Professional Development Guide to Culturally Responsive Instruction

By Robin V. Wisniewski, Gay Fawcett, Nancy D. Padak, Timothy V. Rasinski

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jan 31, 2011


Incorporate a multi-tiered approach to literacy instruction using a culturally responsive approach!

Literacy experts, Robin Wisniewski, Gay Fawcett, Nancy Padak, and Timothy Rasinski, explore the major components essential to creating an effective literacy program that supports all students. The authors present teachers with easy-to-implement instructional strategies and research-based practices to assess students' cultures and reading skills, as well as teachers' instruction and diversity readiness. In particular, the authors focus on identifying effective elements of instruction and offer suggestions for instructional modifications in the classroom.  


The series, Evidence-Based Instruction in Reading, is a professional development program designed to help teachers meet the literacy instruction guidelines as identified by the National Reading Panel (2000). Each of the books in the series focuses on one key component: learners with special needs, phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension and offers recommendations for incorporating appropriate reading materials, fostering productive home-school connections, and promoting a desire for students to learn to read and write throughout the five part series. This coverage makes this series the perfect professional development resource for teachers in the elementary classroom!

Table of Contents

Series Introduction: Evidence-Based Instruction in Reading — A Professional Development Guide      

            The National Reading Panel Report

            Professional Development in Literacy

            Using the Books

Introduction: Culturally Responsive Instruction


CHAPTER 1: Culturally Responsive Instruction: Definitions, Research, and Considerations

            What is Culturally Responsive Instruction?

            Is Culturally Responsive Instruction Just a New Name for Multicultural Education?

            What Does the Research Say About Culturally Responsive Instruction?

            How Can You Be Culturally Responsive?


            Book Club: Professional Development

CHAPTER 2: Assessing Reading Instruction for Cultural Responsiveness

            Big Ideas of Assessment

            Assessing Student Cultures

            Assessing Reading Skills

            Assessing Your Instruction

            Assessing Your School’s Readiness for Culturally Responsive Instruction

            Plans for Change


            Book Club: Professional Development



            Effective Literacy Instruction for Diverse Students

            Guidelines for Instructional Planning

            Evidence-Based Strategies for Culturally Responsive Instruction

            Participation Strategies


            Book Club: Professional Development  



            Book Club: Professional Development




             Print Teacher Resources


APPENDIX A:   Book Club Ideas

APPENDIX B: Cultural Interview

APPENDIX C: The Essential Primary Grade Sight Word List

APPENDIX D: Graphic Organizer Templates