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Experiencing Geometry, 3rd Edition

By David W. Henderson, Daina Taimina

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jul 28, 2004

Table of Contents


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 0. Historical Strands of Geometry.

 1. What is Straight?

 2. Straightness on Spheres.

 3. What Is an Angle?

 4. Straightness on Cylinders and Cones.

 5. Straightness on Hyperbolic Planes.

 6. Triangles and Congruencies.

 7. Area and Holonomy.

 8. Parallel Transport.

 9. SSS, ASS, SAA, and AAA.

10. Parallel Postulates.

11. Isometries and Patterns.

12. Dissection Theory.

13. Square Roots, Pythagoras and Similar Triangles.

14. Projections of a Sphere onto a Plane.

15. Circles.

16. Inversions in Circles.

17. Projections (Models) of Hyperbolic Planes.

18. Geometric 2-Manifolds.

19. Geometric Solutions of Quadratic and Cubic Equations.

20. Trigonometry and Duality.

21. Mechanisms.

22. 3-Spheres and Hyperbolic 3-Spaces.

23. Polyhedra.

24. 3-Manifolds—the Shape of Space.

Appendix A: Euclid's Definitions, Postulates, and Common Notions.

Appendix B: Constructions of Hyperbolic Planes.




Experiencing Geometry, 3rd Edition

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