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Experiment!: Website conversion rate optimization with A/B and multivariate testing

By Colin McFarland

Published by New Riders

Published Date: Aug 17, 2012


Testing is a surefire way to dramatically improve your website’s conversion rate and increase revenue. When you run experiments with changes to design or content, you’ll quickly discover which changes better motivate your users to take action. This book shows how to learn from your customers’ behavior and decisions, and how their responses reveal the strengths and weaknesses of your site. It will show you how to make websites that work harder and convert better.

Experiment! will inspire you to challenge assumptions and start experimenting right now. You will:

  • Learn how to approach experiments to improve conversion
  • Understand the various methods of testing including A/B and multivariate
  • Discover experiment ideas, and go beyond optimization to innovation
  • Recognize the UX and design implications of experimenting
  • Learn to analyze data and deliver results

Experimenting changes the way you think about design and the way you work. It helps prevent the loudest voice from deciding direction; instead, through an experiment, you’ll ask the most important voices--your customers--“What do you think?”

Table of Contents

Part I: Getting Started
Chapter 1: On Experimenting
Chapter 2: On Approach
Chapter 3: On Method

Part II: Interlude
Chapter 4: On UX
Chapter 5: On Design
Chapter 6: On Ideas

Part III: Moving Forward
Chapter 7: On Analysis
Chapter 8: On Results
Chapter 9: Conclusion