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Exploring Microsoft Word 2013, Introductory, CourseSmart eTextbook

By Mary Anne Poatsy, Lynn Hogan, Robert T. Grauer

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Jul 25, 2013


For use in the Office Applications course


Move students beyond the point and click


The goal of the Exploring series has been to move students beyond the point and click, helping them understand the why and how behind each skill. The Exploring series also enables students to extend the learning beyond the classroom–a lot of learning takes place outside of the classroom, and the Exploring series provides learning tools that students can access anytime, anywhere.


Students go to college now with a different set of skills than they did years ago. With this in mind, the Exploring series seeks to move students beyond the basics of the software at a faster pace, without sacrificing coverage of the fundamental skills that every one needs to know.


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  • Move Beyond the Point and Click: Students can move beyond the basics of the software at a faster pace, without sacrificing coverage of fundamental skills.
  • Extend Learning Beyond the Classroom: A lot of learning takes place outside of the classroom, and the Exploring series provides learning tools that students can access anytime, anywhere.

Table of Contents

Microsoft Office 2013

Chapter One: Office Fundamentals and File Management: Taking the First Step 1

Objectives 1

Case Study: Spotted Begonia Art Gallery 1

Windows 8 Startup 2

Logging In with Your Microsoft Account 2

Identifying the Start Screen Components 3

Interacting with the Start Screen 4

Accessing the Desktop 4

Hands-On Exercise 1:

Windows 8 Startup 6

Files and Folders 10

Using File Explorer 10

Working with Folders and Files 13

Selecting, Copying, and Moving Multiple Files and Folders 15

Hands-On Exercise 2:

Files and Folders 17

Microsoft Office Software 22

Identifying Common Interface Components 22

Getting Office Help 28

Hands-On Exercise 3:

Microsoft Office Software 31

The Backstage View Tasks 36

Opening a File 36

Printing a File 38

Closing a File and Application 39

Hands-On Exercise 4:

The Backstage View Tasks 41

Home Tab Tasks 45

Selecting and Editing Text 45

Using the Clipboard Group Commands 49

Using the Editing Group Commands 52

Hands-On Exercise 5:

Home Tab Tasks 55

Insert Tab Tasks 60

Inserting Objects 60

Review Tab Tasks 62

Reviewing a File 62

Page Layout Tab Tasks 65

Using the Page Setup Dialog Box 66

Hands-On Exercise 6:

Insert Tab Tasks, Page Layout Tab Tasks, and

Review Tab Tasks 68

Chapter Objectives Review         72

Key Terms Matching         73

Multiple Choice 74

Practice Exercises 75

Mid-Level Exercises 79

Beyond the Classroom         81

Capstone Exercise 82


Microsoft Office Word 2013

Chapter One: Introduction to Word: Organizing a Document

Objectives 83

Case Study: Swan Creek National Wildlife Refuge 83

Introduction to Word Processing         84

Beginning and Editing a Document 85

Customizing Word 94

Hands-On Exercise 1:

Introduction to Word Processing 97

Document Organization 103

Using Features That Improve Readability 103

Viewing a Document in Different Ways 108

Hands-On Exercise 2:

Document Organization 114

Document Settings and Properties 120

Preparing a Document for Distribution 120

Modifying Document Properties 124

Hands-On Exercise 3:

Document Settings and Properties 126

Chapter Objectives Review         130

Key Terms Matching         131

Multiple Choice 132

Practice Exercises 133

Mid-Level Exercises 137

Beyond the Classroom         140

Capstone Exercise 141

Chapter Two: Document Presentation: Editing and Formatting 143

Objectives 143

Case Study: Phillips Studio L Photography 143

Text and Paragraph Formatting         144

Applying Font Attributes 144

Formatting a Paragraph 149

Hands-On Exercise 1:

Text and Paragraph Formatting 157

Document Appearance 163

Formatting a Document 163

Applying Styles 166

Hands-On Exercise 2:

Document Formatting 171

Objects 177

Inserting and Formatting Objects 177

Hands-On Exercise 3:

Objects 185

Chapter Objectives Review         191

Key Terms Matching         192

Multiple Choice 193

Practice Exercises 194

Mid-Level Exercises 199

Beyond the Classroom         202

Capstone Exercise 203


Chapter Three Document Productivity: Working with Tables and Mail Merge 205

Objectives 205

Case Study: Traylor University Economic

Impact Study 205

Tables 206

Inserting a Table 206

Formatting a Table 211

Hands-On Exercise 1:

Tables 214

Advanced Table Features 220

Managing Table Data 220

Enhancing Table Data 225

Hands-On Exercise 2:

Advanced Table Features 229

Mail Merge 235

Creating a Mail Merge Document 235

Completing a Mail Merge 239

Hands-On Exercise 3:

Mail Merge 241

Chapter Objectives Review         245

Key Terms Matching         246

Multiple Choice 247

Practice Exercises 248

Mid-Level Exercises 252

Beyond the Classroom         256

Capstone Exercise 257


Chapter Four Collaboration and Research: Communicating and Producing Professional Papers 259

Objectives 259

Case Study: Literature Analysis 259

Research Paper Basics 260

Using a Writing Style and Acknowledging Sources 260

Creating and Modifying Footnotes and Endnotes 266

Exploring Special Features 268

Hands-On Exercise 1:

Research Paper Basics 272

Document Tracking_278

Reviewing a Document 278

Tracking Changes 281

Hands-On Exercise 2:

Document Tracking 283

Online Document Collaboration 286

Using SkyDrive 286

Sharing and Collaborating on Documents 288

Hands-On Exercise 3:

Online Document Collaboration 302

Chapter Objectives Review         307

Key Terms Matching         308

Multiple Choice 309

Practice Exercises 310

Mid-Level Exercises 314

Beyond the Classroom         316

Capstone Exercise 317


Application Capstone Exercise

Word 319

Glossary 323

Index 327


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