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Exploring Your Role in Early Childhood Education, CourseSmart eTextbook, 4th Edition

By Mary R. Jalongo, Joan P. Isenberg

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Feb 9, 2011

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The fourth edition of ¿Exploring Your Role in Early Childhood Education is written for college students who are relatively new to formal study of the field of early childhood education. Typically, these students are enrolled in specialized programs at 2- or 4-year colleges or universities that prepare them to work with children ages birth through 8. This comprehensive introduction to the field is most appropriate as the primary textbook for the initial course. Itwill meet the needs of instructors who teach in baccalaureate (4- or 5-year programs) as well as the needs of instructors who teach in online colleges or ¿2-year associate degree programs at community colleges.

Traditionally, introductory textbooks in early childhood education have been organized by curriculum.¿ The typical introductory text begins with a history of the field and a chapter on developmental theory followed by one chapter on each major subject area–language, mathematics, science, the arts, and so forth. Exploring Your Role in Early Childhood Education takes a more integrated and innovative approach. This text is organized around the essential roles and responsibilities that effective early childhood educators must fulfill. Another fundamental difference between Exploring Your Role in Early Childhood Education and other introductory textbooks is that it is interactive. This means that readers are encouraged to respond to what they are reading while they are reading it. We rely upon case material and verbatim comments from students to make the content come alive. As you look through the book, you will notice sections called “Pause and Reflect About¼” in the margin notes. This material will encourage you to relate what you have read to your own experiences and guide you to reflect more deeply on important topics.

Table of Contents

1 Becoming a Reflective Practitioner

2 Understanding History and Ethics

3 Understanding Early Childhood Programs

4 Understanding Diversity, Inclusion and Cultural Competence

5 Promoting Children’s Development

6 Fostering Children’s Engagement in Learning

7 Creating High-Quality Early Childhood Environments

8 Developing Curriculum

9 Planning for Children’s Learning

10 Assessing Children’s Learning and Documenting Progress

11 Guiding Children’s Behavior and Creating a Classroom Community

12 Building Supportive Relationships with Families and Communities



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