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Families in Global Perspective

By Jaipaul Roopnarine, Uwe P. Gielen

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jul 15, 2004


This edited reader, with contributions from experts on families in various countries, documents and explains family life and practices throughout the world, including preindustrial, developing, fully industrialized, and postmodern information societies. Each article is organized around a set of similar themes and concerns: socio-historical and demographic information about the families being studied, religious and cultural beliefs tied to family practices, husband-wife/parent roles and responsibilities, parent-child socialization, and policy initiatives within that society. The opening chapters provide a theoretical overview and a basis for examining family changes and organization patterns from evolutionary and postmodern perspectives.

Table of Contents



      1. Families in Global Perspective: An Introduction, Jaipaul L. Roopnarine and Uwe P. Gielen.
      2. Families: An Evolutionary Anthropological Perspective, Bobbi S. Low.
      3. (Post) Modern Families, Louise B. Silverstein and Carl F. Auerbach.


4. The Family in Mainland China: Structure, Organization, and Significance for Child Development, Xinjin Chen and Yunfeng He.         
5. The Changing Japanese Family: A Psychological Portrait, Takashi Naito and Uwe P. Gielen.
6. Changing Patterns of Family Life in India, Pittu Laungani.
7. Families in Indonesia, Sarlito Wirawan Sarwono.
8. Family Development in Two Island Cultures in the Changing Pacific, Mary Martini.


    9. Egyptian Families, Ramadan A. Ahmed.

    10. Contemporary Turkish Families, Diane Sunar & Guler Okman Fisek.

    11. Familism, Post-Modernity, and the State: The Case of Israel, Sylvie Fogiel-Bijaoui. 


 12. Families in Greece, James Georgas, Tsabika Bafiti, Kostas Mylonas, & Litsa Papademou.
 13. The Italian Family: Past and Present, Anna Laura Comunian.
 14. The German Family-Families in Germany, Heidi Keller, Ulrike Zach, & Monika Abels.
 15. Norwegian Families from a Sociocultural Perspective: A Challenge to Therapeutic Theory and Practice, Wencke J. Seltzer.
 16. The Russian Family, Eric Shiraev & Julia Gradskova.


 17. Marriages and Families in the United States of America, Brent C. Miller, Spencer C. Leavitt, Junius K. Merrill, & Kyung-Eun Park.
 18. Caribbean Families in English-Speaking Countries: A Rather Complex Mosaic, Jaipaul L. Roopnarine, Pauline Bynoe, Ronald Singh, & Rommel Simon.
 19. Families in Brazil, L.-A. Rebhun.


 20. Families in Central Africa: A Comparison of Bofi Farmers and Forager Families, Hillary N. Fouts.
 21. Family Life in South Africa, Engela Pretorious.


Families in Global Perspective

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