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A Family Casebook: Problem Based Learning and Mindful Self-Reflection, CourseSmart eTextbook

By Maria Napoli

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jan 4, 2008


Family Based Case Studies provides family practice students and teachers a problem based learning approach and mindful self reflection creating a rich and exciting experience that is unique and highly effective.


The key to learning is to be able to transfer knowledge to real situations outside of the classroom. This family case study book goes beyond the call of duty when students use critical thinking skills and experience themselves as therapists from the onset of treatment until termination while processing clinical theory, therapy techniques, self observation and family dynamics. The step-by-step format offers an atmosphere of active engagement where ideas, creativity, knowledge and skill are explored and shared in small groups as well as large classroom discussions offering many opportunities for sharing knowledge and critical thinking. Teaching becomes more life like when there is active engagement between teacher and student. Teachers expand upon knowledge that students bring to the table giving ample opportunity for both teachers and students to exchange ideas.

Table of Contents




Case 1

Baby Boomers: The Story of the Johnsons 


Case 2                                                                     

The Reluctant Divorce: The Story of the Wilsons


Case 3                                                                     

Spinning Out of Control: The Story of the McFaddens


Case 4                                                                     

Down with Depression: The Story of the Polanskys


Case 5                                                                     

A Gambler Loses It All: The Story of the Williamses


Case 6                                                                     

Multigenerational Abuse: The Story of the Santiagos


Case 7                                                                     

The Heartfelt Dad: The Story of the Chens


Case 8                                                                     

The Community Heals a Family: The Story of the LaSotos


Case 9                                                                     

A Tiny Toddler Loses Her Taste: The Story of the Russos


Case 10                                                              

Keep One Kidney for Me, Please: The Story of the Corbins


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A Family Casebook: Problem Based Learning and Mindful Self-Reflection, CourseSmart eTextbook
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