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Field Experience: A Guide to Reflective Teaching, 7th Edition

By George J. Posner

Published by Pearson

Published Date: May 27, 2009


Designed to provoke reflection and commitment, Field Experience, Seventh Edition, guides students through teaching field experiences, including–but not limited to–student teaching. Highly practical in its focus, Field Experience, Seventh Edition, moves beyond a list of “do's”and “don't's” to help students create, reflect upon, and refine a set of goals and teaching principles that will guide them through their future teaching experiences.

Table of Contents

PART ONE  Orientation
Ch. 1 Types of Field Experience (with Aram deKoven)
    Common Features
    Varieties of Teaching Situations
    The Student Teaching Experience
       Placement Tips
Ch.  2 Concerns and Personal Goals
    Analyzing Concerns
    Expressing Goals

Ch. 3 Reflecting on Field Experiences: Fieldwork Logs
    What Is Reflective Thinking and Why Is It Desirable?
    When Should I Write My Logs?
    What Is the Anatomy of a Log?
    Criteria for Evaluating Fieldwork Logs
PART TWO  What Do You Bring to the Experience?
Ch. 4 Personal Influences on a Perspective
    Experience as a Learner
    Favorite Subject Matter and Topics
    Experience as a Teacher 
Ch. 5 Contributions of Foundational Studies
    Six Basic Issues of Teaching
    Interrelations among the Six Issues
Ch. 6 Contributions of Methods Courses
    Lesson Planning
    Instructional Activities
    Curriculum Emphasis
    Theory and Practice
Ch. 7 Initial Perspective
    Sorting Out Ideas
    Analysis of Beliefs
    Tracing Origins
    Considering Consequences
PART THREE  What Is the Situation Where You Will Teach?
Ch. 8 The Community and the School
    The Community
    The School
Ch. 9 The Classroom, Technology, and the Curriculum (with Aram deKoven)
    The Classroom
    The Curriculum
Ch. 10 The Students (with Aram deKoven)
    Students in the School 
    Students in the Classroom
    Students at Risk 
    Diversity in the Classroom
Ch. 11 The Cooperating Teacher
PART FOUR  What Have You Learned?
Ch. 12 The Fieldwork Portfolio (with Laurie Vasily)
    The Anatomy of a Fieldwork Portfolio

Appendix A  Instruments
Appendix B  Sample Logs and Fieldwork Portfolios
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