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Financial Theory and Corporate Policy, 4th Edition

By Thomas E. Copeland, J. Fred Weston, Kuldeep Shastri

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Dec 31, 2003

Table of Contents


  1. Introduction to Capital Markets, Consumption and Investment.

  2. Investment Decisions: The Certainty Case.

  3. Theory of Choice Under Uncertainty: Utility Theory.

  4. State-Preference Theory.

  5. Objects of Choice.

  6. Market Equilibrium: CAPM and APT.

  7. Pricing Contingent Claims: Option Price Theory and Evidence.

  8. Futures Contracts and Markets - Term Structure - Cox, Ingersoll, Ross.

  9. Multiperiod Aspects of Financial Theory - Real Options - Investment.

10. Efficient Capital Markets: Theory.

11. Efficient Capital Market: Evidence.

12. Information Asymmetry: Agency Cost Theory and Signaling.


13. The Role of the CFO and Performance Measurement.

14. Valuation and Tax Policy.

15. Capital Structure.

16. Dividend Policy.

17. Applied Issues in Corporate Finance.

18. External Investment Decisions.

19. International Finance: Theory and Evidence.

20. Open-Ended Issues for Research.


Financial Theory and Corporate Policy, 4th Edition

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