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Financial Times Guide to Technical Analysis CourseSmart eTextbook: How to Trade like a Professional

By Jacinta Chan

Published by FT Press

Published Date: Jul 31, 2013


Beginning with the very basics of technical analysis and market price behaviour, this book teaches you how to apply these concepts and principles to your own trading.

With this comprehensive and straight talking guide you will soon be using the same successful techniques and formulas as the professionals.

 Learn how to:

  • Understand those trading systems that will generate high returns


  • Identify price patterns and trends


  • Use the right technical indicators to get the best out of the markets


  • Write and execute a trading plan that increases your chances of beating the market

Table of Contents


Part 1:  What do traders know? 

 Introduction – The market technicians 

               1.  Know the market: how to read and construct charts 

               2.  History has a habit of repeating itself 

               3.  Spot the bubble and win 

               4.  Follow the winners: trading with the trend 

               5.  The tools that professionals use 

               6.  Leading technical indicators in the market

               7.  The profit opportunities 

               8.  Wave after wave 

              9.  Booms and busts: risks and returns

               10.The secret


Part 2:  Trading with professional technical systems 

Introduction: the trading game plan

               11.  Technical indicators to use

               12.  Principles of a technical algorithm trading system

               13.  Understanding market characteristics and what to do

               14.  Simple formulas to design your own trading models

               15.  Programming trading rules into your system

               16.  How to write a good trading plan 

               17.  Losing a little to grow your capital

               18.  Practise stop loss

               19.  Fine tuning the trading wheel

               20. The total trader – winning trading psychology


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