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First Americans: A History of Native Peoples, Combined Volume

By Mark Nicholas

Published by Routledge

Published Date: Jan 9, 2012


First Americans provides a history of Native Americans, from their earliest appearance in North America to the present, that covers the complexity and diversity of their past. The text demonstrates Native Americans¿ participation in determining their own future and helps students place Native American history in context with national and international developments. 
Present throughout the text is the "native voice," giving American Indians¿ perspectives on historical developments. The text also enforces the reality that native people retain a presence in the U.S. today as a growing population with a rich diversity of roles, ideas, and contributions.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Native North America before European Contact
Chapter 2 Native Peoples and European Newcomers, 982¿1585
Chapter 3 Spanish Borderlands, 1527¿1758
Chapter 4 Seventeenth-Century Eastern Woodlands, 1607¿1689
Chapter 5 Empire, 1700¿1763
Chapter 6 The Indians¿ Revolution, 1763¿1814
Chapter 7 Removal, 1801¿1846
Chapter 8 Western Indians and the United States, 1800¿1850
Chapter 9 The Civil War Years, 1861¿1865
Chapter 10 Conflicting Postwar Directions, 1865¿1877
Chapter 11 The Struggle for Cultural Identity, 1877¿1910
Chapter 12 Progressivism and World War I: Charting Their Own Course in the Twentieth Century, 1900¿1920
Chapter 13 Post-War Directions for Native Americans, 1918¿1929
Chapter 14 The Great Depression, 1929¿1940
Chapter 15 American Indians Join the War Effort, 1940¿1945
Chapter 16 Redefining the Status of Native Americans in Post¿World War II America, 1943¿1962
Chapter 17 Indian Activism in the Age of Liberalism, 1961¿1980
Chapter 18 Self-Determination to Decolonization: Native Americans into the Twenty-First Century


First Americans: A History of Native Peoples, Combined Volume

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