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Forty Studies that Changed Criminal Justice: Explorations into the History of Criminal Justice Research, 2nd Edition

By Amy B. Thistlethwaite, John D. Wooldredge

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Sep 17, 2013


An authoritative review of foundational research in criminal justice.


Forty Studies that Changed Criminal Justice, 2e presents a thorough yet concise summary of the major and influential research studies in the field of criminal justice. Knowledge in criminal justice is developed with research, yet introductory textbooks fail to offer more than cursory synopses of the significant empirical studies that established the foundation of the discipline. This book provides a rich understanding of important research published in each of the three general areas of criminal justice: policing, courts, and corrections. More than a just collection of original published articles, the text is a summary of studies that have shaped the criminal justice system.

Table of Contents

PART I          Police

Chapter 1        Police Behavior

Chapter 2        Police Discretion

Chapter 3        Police Operations 

Chapter 4        The Police Role 

Chapter 5        Police Use Of Deadly Force 

Chapter 6        Female Police Officers 


PART II         Courts

Chapter 1        Preconviction Dispositions

Chapter 2        The Guilty Plea Process

Chapter 3        The Jury Trial 

Chapter 4        Sentencing 

Chapter 5        Wrongful Convictions


PART III       Corrections

Chapter 1        Correctional Goals

Chapter 2        Community Corrections

Chapter 3        Inmate Subcultures

Chapter 4        Inmate Violence

Chapter 5        Correctional Officers

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