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Forty Studies that Changed Psychology, 7th Edition

By Roger R. Hock

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jul 22, 2012


Forty studies that help shape Psychology


Roger Hock’s Forty Studies provides a glimpse of the science of psychology, unraveling the complexities of human nature. This book provides a more in-depth look and analyses that cannot be found by reading a textbook or research alone. It has the original studies, research & analysis about the most famous studies in psychological history.


Learning Goals

Upon completing this book, readers will:

  • Gain background knowledge of the complexities in the psychology field.
  • Learn about detailed studies in an easy, understandable manner.
  • Understand scientific research, through closer examination of major topics.

Table of Contents

In this Section:
1) Brief Table of Contents

2) Full Table of Contents





Chapter 1:  Biology And Human Behavior 

Chapter 2:  Perception And Consciousness 

Chapter 3:  Learning And Conditioning 

Chapter 4:  Intelligence, Cognition, And Memory 

Chapter 5:  Human Development 

Chapter 6:  Emotion And Motivation 

Chapter 7: Personality

Chapter 8:  Psychopathology 

Chapter 9:  Psychotherapy

Chapter 10:  Social Psychology 






Chapter 1:  Biology And Human Behavior 

Reading 1: One Brain Or Two? 

Reading 2: More Experience = Bigger Brain 

Reading 3: Are You A “Natural?” 

Reading 4: Watch Out For The Visual Cliff! 


Chapter 2:  Perception And Consciousness 

Reading 5: Take A Long Look 

Reading 6: To Sleep, No Doubt To Dream

Reading 7: As A Category, It’s A Natural

Reading 8: Acting As If You Are Hypnotized 


Chapter 3:  Learning And Conditioning 

Reading 9: It’s Not Just About Salivating Dogs! 

Reading 10: Little Emotional Albert 

Reading 11: Knock Wood! 

Reading 12: See Aggression . . . Do Aggression! 


Chapter 4:  Intelligence, Cognition, And Memory 

Reading 13: What You Expect Is What You Get 

Reading 14: Just How Are You Intelligent? 

Reading 15: Maps In Your Mind 

Reading 16: Thanks For The Memories! 


Chapter 5:  Human Development 

Reading 17: Discovering Love 

Reading 18: Out Of Sight, But Not Out Of Mind 

Reading 19: How Moral Are You? 

Reading 20: In Control And Glad Of It! 


Chapter 6:  Emotion And Motivation 

Reading 21: A Sexual Motivation

Reading 22: I Can See It All Over Your Face! 

Reading 23: Watching Your Emotions?

Reading 24: Thoughts Out Of Tune 


Chapter 7: Personality

Reading 25: Are You The Master Of Your Fate? 

Reading 26: Masculine Or Feminine . . . Or Both? 

Reading 27: Racing Against Your Heart 

Reading 28: The One, The Many 


Chapter 8:  Psychopathology 

Reading 29: Who’s Crazy Here, Anyway? 

Reading 30: You’re Getting Defensive Again!

Reading 31: Learning To Be Depressed 

Reading 32: Crowding Into The Behavioral Sink


Chapter 9:  Psychotherapy

Reading 33: Choosing Your Psychotherapist 

Reading 34: Relaxing Your Fears Away 

Reading 35: Projections Of Who You Are 

Reading 36: Picture This! 


Chapter 10:  Social Psychology 

Reading 37: A Prison By Any Other Name

Reading 38: The Power Of Conformity 

Reading 39: To Help Or Not To Help 

Reading 40: Obey At Any Cost? 




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