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Foundations of Financial Markets and Institutions, CourseSmart eTextbook, 4th Edition

By Frank J. Fabozzi, Franco P. Modigliani

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: May 28, 2009

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A core text for one semester courses in Financial Institutions and Markets.


A comprehensive exploration of the world's financial markets and institutions.


Foundations of Financial Markets and Institutions, offers a comprehensive exploration of the revolutionary developments occurring in the world's financial markets and institutions –i.e., innovation, globalization, and deregulation–with a focus on the actual practices of financial institutions, investors, and financial instruments.


This fourth edition incorporates and addresses the vast amount of changes that have recently occurred in financial institutions and markets around the world.


Table of Contents



1        Introduction

2        Financial Institutions, Financial Intermediaries, and Asset Management Firms

3        Depository Institutions: Activities and Characteristics

4        The U.S. Federal Reserve and the Creation of Money

5        Monetary Policy in the United States

6        Insurance Companies

7        Investment Companies and Exchange-Traded Funds

8        Pension Funds

9        Properties and Pricing of Financial Assets

10      The Level and Structure of Interest Rates

11      The Term Structure of Interest Rates

12      Risk/Return and Asset Pricing Models

13      Primary Markets and the Underwriting of Securities

14      Secondary Markets

15      Treasury and Agency Securities Markets

16      Municipal Securities Markets

17      Markets for Common Stock: The Basic Characteristics

18      Markets for Common Stock: Structure and Organization

19      Markets for Corporate Senior Instruments: I

20      Markets for Corporate Senior Instruments: II

21      The Markets for Bank Obligations

22      The Residential Mortgage Market

23      Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities Market

24      Market for Commercial Mortgage Loans and Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities

25      Market for Asset-Backed Securities

26      Financial Futures Markets

27      Options Markets

28      Pricing of Futures and Options Contracts

29      The Applications of Futures and Options Contracts

30      OTC Interest Rate Derivatives: Forward Rate Agreements, Swaps, Caps, and Floors

31      Market for Credit Risk Transfer Vehicles: Credit Derivatives and Collateralized Debt Obligations

32      The Market for Foreign Exchange and Risk Control Instruments



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