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Framework for Applying Analytics in Healthcare, A: What Can Be Learned from the Best Practices in Retail, Banking, Politics, and Sports

By Dwight McNeill

Published by FT Press

Published Date: Jun 24, 2013


In A Framework for Applying Analytics in Healthcare, Dwight McNeill shows healthcare analysts and decision-makers exactly how to adapt and apply the best analytics techniques from retail, finance, politics, and sports. McNeill describes each method in depth, presenting numerous case studies that show how these approaches have been deployed and the results that have been achieved. Most important, he explains how these methods can be successfully adapted to the most critical challenges you now face in your healthcare organization. From predictive modeling to social media, this book focuses on innovative techniques with demonstrated effectiveness and direct relevance to healthcare. You’ll discover powerful new ways to manage population health; improve patient activation, support, and experience of care; focus on health outcomes; measure what matters for team performance; make information more actionable; and build more customer-centric organizations.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Overview     1

Chapter 2: Healthcare     19

Chapter 3: Retail     57

Chapter 4: Politics (Presidential Election Campaigns)     83

Chapter 5: Banking     113

Chapter 6: Sports     141

Chapter 7: The Top Healthcare Analytics Adaptations     167

Chapter 8: A Framework for Adopting Innovations     179

Endnotes     209

Index     229