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From Idea to App: Creating iOS UI, animations, and gestures

By Shawn Welch

Published by New Riders

Published Date: Mar 18, 2011

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This is the Safari online edition of the printed book.

Because iPhone development is so young, right now apps are typically designed, developed and deployed by a single person (or very small development team.) The designers are the developers and vice versa. This book will leverage this distinction by teaching designers how to design on top of native iOS metaphors, tools and UI, while teaching native developers appropriate application design and asset preparation.

Table of Contents

Part I Introduction

1. Getting Started with iOS
Why Are We Here?
iOS Devices
iOS Development Tools and Resources
Quick Tips: iOS Development Strategies
Guiding Principles

2. What Makes an iOS App?
iOS: The Big Picture
Application Types
iOS App Blueprint
Introduction and “Hello, World!”
Creating an Xcode Project

Part II T he Basics of iOS User Interfaces

3. Physical Hardware
Physical Input Devices
Device Orientation
iOS Coordinate System
Preparing Image Assets for Multiple Displays

4. Basic User Interface Objects
UIKit and Foundation
iOS Views

5. User Interface Controllers and Navigation
What Is a Controller?
View Controllers, Navigation, and Modal Views

6. User Interface Buttons, Inputs, Indicators,
and Controls
Alert Dialogs and Action Sheets
Controls and Buttons
iOS App Blueprint
The Basics
Creating UIViewControllers
Adding UIControls to Each Tab
Connecting UI Controls to a Controller
Create a UITabBarController
Part III Designing Custom iOS User
Interface Objects

7. Creating Custom Icons, Launch Images,
and Buttons
App Icons
Launch Images
Custom UI Buttons

8. Creating Custom UIViews and
Custom UIViewControllers
Custom UIViews

9. Creating Custom Table Views
UITableView Appearance
Creating Custom Cells
Moving, Deleting, and Inserting Rows
iOS App Blueprint
Custom iOS UI
Changes to the First Tab

Part IV Animating Your UI

10. Introduction to iOS Animations
About Animations Using UIKit
UIView Animation Blocks
System-Provided Animations

11. Creating Custom iOS Animations
About Core Animation
Core Animation Types
Getting Started with Core Animations
Keyframe Animations
Animation Transitions
3D Transforms
iOS App Blueprint
Custom Animations
Animations of CountdownViewController

Part V Human Interaction: Gestures

12. Introduction to iOS Gestures
Understanding Apple-Defined Gestures
Gestures and UIKit

13. Creating Custom iOS Gestures
Detecting Touches in a UIView
Gesture Recognizers
Motion Gestures
iOS App Blueprint
Custom Gestures
Note from the Author


From Idea to App: Creating iOS UI, animations, and gestures

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