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Functional Behavioral Assessment and Function-Based Intervention: An Effective, Practical Approach

By John Umbreit, Jolenea B. Ferro, Carl J. Liaupsin, Kathleen L. Lane

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Apr 4, 2006

Table of Contents

Chapter 1       A Functional Approach to Problem Behavior


PART I           Conducting the FBA


Chapter 2       Defining the Problem: Identifying the Target and Replacement Behavior

Chapter 3       Functional Behavioral Assessment: Interviews

Chapter 4       Functional Behavioral Assessment: Direct Observation

Chapter 5       Determining the Function of the Behavior: Using the Function Matrix


PART II          Developing and Testing the Intervention


Chapter 6       Intervention Method 1: Teaching the Replacement Behavior

Chapter 7       Intervention Method 2: Improve the Environment

Chapter 8       Intervention Method 3: Adjust the Contingencies

Chapter 9       Identifying an Appropriate Measurement System

Chapter 10     Testing the Intervention

Chapter 11     The Behavior Intervention Plan


PART III         Implementing the Intervention


Chapter 12     Factors that Affect Success: Social Validity, Treatment Integrity, and Generalization and Maintenance

Chapter 13     Monitoring the Intervention and Analyzing Outcomes


PART IV         Putting it All Together: From Problem Identification to Effective Intervention


Chapter 14     The Entire Process When Using Method 1: Teach the Replacement Behavior

Chapter 15     The Entire Process When Using Method 2: Improve the Enviroment

Chapter 16     The Entire Process When Using Method 3: Adjust the Contingencies


Conclusion...And Some Suggestions