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Fundamentals of Precalculus, 2nd Edition

By Mark Dugopolski

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jan 23, 2008


Fundamentals of Precalculus is designed to review the fundamental topics that are necessary for success in calculus.  Containing only five chapters, this text contains the rigor essential for building a strong foundation of mathematical skills and concepts, and at the same time supports students’ mathematical needs with a number of tools newly developed for this revision.  A student who is well acquainted with the material in this text will have the necessary skills, understanding, and insights required to succeed in calculus.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1   Graphs and Functions

1.1       Real Numbers and Their Properties

1.2       Linear and Absolute Value Inequalities

1.3       Equations and Graphs in Two Variables

1.4       Linear Equations in Two Variables

1.5       Functions

1.6       Graphs of Relations and Functions

1.7       Families of Functions, Transformations, and Symmetry

1.8       Operations with Functions

1.9       Inverse Functions


Chapter 2  Polynomial and Rational Functions

2.1       Quadratic Functions and Inequalities

2.2       Complex Numbers

2.3       Zeros of Polynomial Functions

2.4       The Theory of Equations

2.5       Miscellaneous Equations

2.6        Graphs of Polynomial Functions

2.7        Rational Functions and Inequalities


Chapter 3  Trigonometric Functions

3.1       Angles and Their Measurements

3.2       The Sine and Cosine Functions

3.3       The Graphs of the Sine and Cosine Functions

3.4       The Other Trigonometric Functions and Their Graphs

3.5       The Inverse Trigonometric Functions

3.6       Right Triangle Trigonometry

3.7       Identities

3.8       Conditional Trigonometric Identities

3.9       The Law of Sines and the Law of Cosines


Chapter 4  Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

4.1      Exponential Functions and Their Applications

4.2      Logarithmic Functions and Their Applications

4.3      Rules of Logarithms

4.4      More Equations and Applications   


Chapter 5  Conic Sections, Polar Coordinates, and Parametric Equations

5.1     The Parabola

5.2     The Ellipse and the Circle   

5.3     The Hyperbola

5.4     Polar Coordinates

5.5     Polar Equations of the Conics

5.6     Parametric Equations


Appendix A  Basic Algebra Review

A.1     Exponents and Radicals

A.2     Polynomials

A.3     Factoring Polynomials

A.4     Rational Expressions

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