Genetics: A Guide to Basic Concepts and Problem Solving

By Richard P. Nickerson

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jan 10, 1997

Table of Contents

 1. Mitosis and Meiosis.

 2. Mendel's Laws.

 3. Crosses Involving Single Gene Inheritance, Basic Probability.

 4. Crosses Involving Two Independently Assorting Traits (DyHybrid Crosses).

 5. Crosses Involving Three or More Independently Assorting Traits.

 6. The Chi-Square Test.

 7. More on Probability: Unordered Events and the Binomial and Multinomial Distributions.

 8. Multiple-Allelic Series.

 9. Modified Dihybrid Ratios: Interaction of Products of Nonallelic Genes.

10. Sex Chromosomes, Sex Chromosome Systems, and Sex Linkage.

11. Human Pedigree Analysis.

12. Linkage, Crossing Over, and the Two-Point Testcross.

13. The Three-Point Testcross and Chromosomal Mapping.

14. Haploid Genetics: Tetrad Analysis I.

15. Haploid Genetics: Tetrad Analysis II.

16. Changes in Chromosome Structure and Number.

17. Quantitative Inheritance, Statistics, and Heritability.

18. Nucleic Acid Structure.

19. DNA Replication and Recombination.

20. The Basis of Prokaryotic Inheritance.

21. Transformation and Mapping the Bacterial Chromosome.

22. Conjugation and Mapping the Bacterial Chromosome.

23. Transduction and Mapping the Bacterial Chromosome.

24. Viral (Bacteriophage) Genetics.

25. Complementation Testing and Fine Structure Mapping.

26. Gene Expression: Transcription and Translation.

27. The Genetic Code.

28. Mutation.

29. Gene Regulation.

30. Recombinant DNA and DNA Sequencing.

31. Population Genetics 1: The Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium.

32. Population Genetics II: Evolutionary Forces.

Appendix A: Comprehensive Problem Set for Chapters 1-13.

Appendix B: Solutions to Problems.

Appendix C: Correlation Guide for Several Genetics Texts.


Genetics: A Guide to Basic Concepts and Problem Solving

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