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Get Ready for Microbiology, CourseSmart eTextbook

By Lori K. Garrett, Judy M. Penn

Published by Benjamin Cummings

Published Date: Sep 17, 2009

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Get Ready for Microbiology helps students quickly prepare for their microbiology course and provides useful materials for future reference. The workbook gets students up to speed with chapters on study skills, math skills, microbiology terminology, basic chemistry, basic biology, and basic cell biology before a final chapter that introduces students to microbiology. Each chapter includes a pre-test (Your Starting Point), guided explanations, interactive practice exercises with answers explained (Time to Try; Picture This; Reality Check), quizzes with answers given (Quick Check), motivations for learning (Why Should I Care?), and end-of-chapter cumulative tests with answers given at the back of the book (What did you Learn?). CourseSmart textbooks do not include any media or print supplements that come packaged with the bound book.


Table of Contents

1. Study Skills: Feeding Your Brain

2. Basic Math Review: Crunching the Numbers

3. Terminology: The ABC’s of Microbiology

4. Chemistry: The Science of Stuff

5. Biology Basics: How Life Works

6. Cell Biology: Life’s Little Factories

7. Microbiology Basics: Tiny Organisms of Huge Importance

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Get Ready for Microbiology, CourseSmart eTextbook
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