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Get Ready for Physics, CourseSmart eTextbook

By Edward Adelson

Published by Addison-Wesley

Published Date: Sep 7, 2010

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Get Ready for Physics helps science students quickly prepare for their introductory physics course, either algebra-based or calculus-based. It provides useful tools for future success in the course. The booklet gives students tips on recognizing their individual learning styles and helps them maximize their study time. It helps them review the basic mathematics they will need for the course, including ratios, proportions, and graphs. It gives them a bird’s-eye preview of the major concepts and physical models so they start the course with a broad perspective of the key physical ideas and the knowledge of important terms that give students most trouble. The booklet concludes with a strong chapter on solving physics problems, replete with practice problems and examples, and with insights into answering conceptual and estimation type questions.


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Table of Contents


Tips on how to study, and organizing study time; moving past memorization



Review of basic algebra, solving linear and quadratic equations, simplifying complex fractions, right angle trigonometry, logs and exponentials, significant figures and scientific notation, interpreting graphs



Models of physical systems–mechanical, thermal waves, optic, and nuclear models–with an emphasis on the basic concepts, and the ideas and terms that most often give students difficulty



Tips on quantitative and conceptual problem solving with numerous practice problems and examples  

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