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Getting it RIGHT for Young Children from Diverse Backgrounds: Applying Research to Improve Practice, CourseSmart eTextbook

By Linda M Espinosa

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jul 29, 2009

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After thirty years of working with children from diverse backgrounds, the author has seen first hand the consequences of inadequate training, misguided practices, neglect, misunderstanding, and even outright bigotry on the life forces of bright, curious, and highly verbal children who happen to have been born into poverty.  Their eagerness to learn and to participate in a social community, their youthful quirkiness and delight in the mysteries of the world–these can all be muted before they ever begin formal schooling.  However, well-crafted early education programs staffed by qualified and caring educators can successfully partner with families who speak little English and joyfully educate young children and prepare them for the rigors of formal academic instruction.  This book draws on the author’s experience to provide all practitioners with research-based strategies and practices that they need to educate ALL children successfully.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Early Childhood Education, Diversity and Educational Equity : The Why of Early Childhood Education

Why the Increased Focus on Early Childhood Programs Right Now?

Public Program for Young Children


Reflection and Discussion Questions


Chapter 2 The Changing Face of Early Childhood in the U.S.: New Promises

and Pitfalls

Current Demographics and Population Projections

Children in Poverty

Increasing Linguistic Diversity in Early Childhood Programs

      Increases in Hispanic/Latino Population

Culture and Early Education

Preschool and English Language Learners

Early Education Standards Movement and Diversity


Reflection and Discussion Questions


Chapter 3 What Research Tells Us About The Needs and Abilities of All Young


The Science of Early Education

Social-Emotional Roots of All Learning: The Importance of Positive Relationships

Implications of Research for Early Childhood Practitioners

Risk and Resiliency in Young Children


 Reflection and Discussion Questions


Chapter 4 Research Findings and Recommendations for Children Living in


      Issues and Considerations for Children Living in Poverty

The Importance of Resiliency

What Teachers Can Do

School Readiness and Low-Income Children

The Importance of High Quality Curricula: Specific Strategies

Professional Development and Effective Teacher Supports

  Achieving Success: Schools, Families, and Communities Working Together


 Reflection and Discussion Questions


Chapter 5 Research on the Development, Learning and Teaching of Young English Language Learners  

Issues and Considerations for ELL Children

Myths About English Language Learners Not Supported by Scientific Evidence

English Language Learners and School Readiness: Overlapping Influences of Language and Poverty

Role of Home Language in English Acquisition

How do Young Children Learn a Second Language?

Bilingualism and Social-Emotional Development

      Research on Different Curriculum/Program Approaches

      Working with ELL Families


Reflection and Discussion Questions


Chapter 6 Promising Curriculum and Assessment Strategies for Young

English Language Learners

The Importance of Goals

Specific Teaching Strategies in Dual Language Early Childhood Programs

The Importance of a Comprehensive Curriculum

Specific Strategies in English Language Programs with Home Language Support

Assessment Approaches: How to Collect Accurate Information on the Development of Dual Language Learners

Putting it All Together: ECE Settings Where ELL Children Can Flourish


Reflection and Discussion Questions



Chapter 7 Meeting the Future Challenges of Early Childhood Education

National Will/Consensus

Using Research, Advocacy, and Persistence to Move the Agenda Forward: Inch-by-Inch, Step-by-Step

Link to National Education Priorities/Policies

Investment/Resources Needed


Reflection and Discussion Questions


Appendix A

Sample Family Languages and Interests Survey

Appendix B

Resources for Serving Young Children from Diverse Backgrounds

Appendix C

Information on The Early Authors’ Program

Appendix D

Sample Individualized Language Plan





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