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Giardino italiano: An Intermediate Language Program, CourseSmart eTextbook

By Francesco Bonavita

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: May 23, 2011

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Giardino italiano is an intermediate level Italian language textbook designed for one-semester courses. It uses communicative language teaching techniques for the purpose of developing oral proficiency among students. Although this book is not a grammar driven program, the text does afford students ample opportunities to practice grammatical structures as well as offering users a comprehensive grammatical reference section, for in-class or out-of-class review and practice. The grammatical explanations represent a clear point of reference and teachers may dwell on it if it meets their particular needs. The chapters are designed to reflect current vocabulary and expressions used in modern Italian, as well as offering students a glimpse of everyday life situations. A language is learned best when the individual is invited to personalize situations as they occur in everyday life.  Research shows that learning a second language takes place when students are afforded the opportunity to construct, to manipulate, and to experiment with their newly acquired language. Each chapter presents ample opportunities for students to create conversations and to think in the target language. 

Table of Contents

Unit 1: Facciamo le prenotazioni


Chapter 1 Una tradizione in famiglia


Chapter 2 Un giovane a cavallo


Chapter 3 In montagna



Unit 2: Facciamo le compere


Chapter 4 Roma: in taxi


Chapter 5 Padova: una scelta particolare


Chapter 6 Negozio di antiquariato



Unit 3: Al museo


Chapter 7 Boccaccio


Chapter 8 Anima beata


Chapter 9 Il famoso Discobolo



Unit 4: Dal Medico: la nostra salute


Chapter 10 La piramide della dieta mediterranea e la nostra salute


Chapter 11 Consigli per denti sani


Chapter 12 L’erboristeria


 Unit 5: A Tavola


Chapter 13 La cassata siciliana


Chapter 14 Il compleanno


Chapter 15 La lezione di pizza



Unit 6: Visitiamo l’Italia


Chapter 16 Fontana di Trevi


Chapter 17 Una visita a Pompei


Chapter 18 Il cortile del Museo Bargello


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