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Global Contexts: Case Studies in International Technical Communication (Part of the Allyn & Bacon Series in Technical Communication)

By Deborah S. Bosley

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Aug 3, 2000

Table of Contents

Deborah S. Bosley, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Introduction: Welcome to the New Global Village: Our Changing Global Worldview.

 1.Sam Dragga, Texas Tech University, A Visit to the Forbidden City: A Sign of the Times.

 2.Craig J. Hansen, Metropolitan State University, Multilevel Challenges for Technical Documentation: Encountering Chinese Culture.

 3.Emily A. Thrush, University of Memphis, High-Context and Low-Context Cultures: How Much Communication Is Too Much?

 4.Boyd H. Davis, University of North Carolina at Charlotte; Jeutonne Brewer, University of North Carolina at Greensboro; Ye-Ling Chang, National Kaohsiung Normal University; Usage as an Interactive Strategy for International Team-Building: The Never-Ending Story.

 5.Jayne A. Moneysmith, Kent State University at Stark, Resolving Cultural Misunderstandings in Crisis Situations: The Case of the Inexperienced Entrepreneurs.

 6.Bruce Maylath, University of Wisconsin at Stout, Translating User Manuals: A Surgical Equipment Company's “Quick Cut.”

 7.Barry L. Thatcher, Ohio University, Adapting to South American Communication Patterns: Odyssey's Proposal to Remedy Inconsistent Car Sales.

 8.Roger Baumgarte, Winthrop University; Phillippe Blanchard, France; Cultural Issues in Corporate Hierarchies: Keeping Your Distance Isn't That Simple.

 9.Thomas F. Lannin, CyberInstittue Inc., A Venture between American Academe and Corporate Malaysia: The CyberUniversity Blues.

10.Elizabeth M. Lynn, Kettering University, Human Error, Communication Failures, and the Sinking of the M/S Estonia: A Recipe for Disaster.

11.Linda Driskill, Rice University; Frank Driskill, Brown and Root Energy Services; Risk-Based Design in a Pipeline Engineering Project for Columbia: “First Do No Harm.”

12.Nancy L. Hoft, Michigan Technological University, Communicating the Risks of Natural Hazards: The World-At-Large Is at Stake.

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