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Global Families: Volume II in the "Families in the 21st Century" Series, CourseSmart eTextbook

By Meg W. Karraker, Susan J. Ferguson

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Feb 7, 2008


Global Families examines the various challenges and opportunities presented to families by the globalization of politics, economics, culture, and other social systems. The globalization of politics, economics, culture, and other social systems are creating challenges and opportunities for families throughout the world. Yet, those who study families are often unfamiliar with the theories and research on globalization. Global Families provides an introduction to the interdisciplinary field of globalization, and then examines the ways in which globalization impinges on families throughout the world in four major areas: demographic transitions, transnational employment, international violence, and world-wide culture. The book concludes with a discussion of supra-national policies and other efforts to position families in this global landscape.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction:  Global Families

Family, Change, and Global Context          

From Comparative to Global Perspectives on Families      

Globalization as an Analytical Framework      

Globalization Defined     

The “Globalization Debate”      

Globalization Theory      

Risk in a Global Postmodern World     

Globalization through a Feminist Lens     

Global Families:  Plan of the Book     


Essay:  Globalization and Family Down Under By Janet R. Grochowski, Ph.D.

Chapter 2: Global Change and Demographic Shifts:  Family Characteristics and Societal Transformation

Demographic Transition and Family Dynamics   
Morbidity and Mortality    

Declining Fertility    

Population Control as an International Policy Concern    

Fertility in a Postmodern World    

Sweeping Migration    

Gender and Migration    

Marriage Migrants    

Transnational Adoption    

Immigration and Assimilation    


Essay:  Immigrant Women, New Neighbors, Global Families By Margaret L. Kvasnicka, CSJ

Chapter 3: Transnational Employment:  Work–Family Linkages Across Borders

Transnational Employment    

Domestic Employment in Global Context    

Implications of Transnational Employment for Family Dynamics    

Care Work    

Global Care Chains    

Transnational Parenting    


Essay:  A Migrant Mother’s Story: Paula Rodriguez By Joanna Dreby 

Chapter 4: International Violence: Family Legacies of Oppression and War International Systems of Oppression    

Colonialism and Families   

Sex Trafficking    

War and Social Disorder    

Sexual Domination Exploitation    

The Marriage Squeeze                

Heterogamous Marriages              

Marital Instability         

Family Resiliency in the Face of International Violence                  

Refugee Families            


Essay:  Sex Trafficking:  A “Family Business” By Jennifer Blank, M.A.  

Chapter 5: Families and Worldwide Culture Systems: Globalized Media and Consumption    

Global Media in an Era of Information Revolution    

Global Consumption and Families    

Cultural Globalization and Families    

Globalization and Gender    

Globalization and Family Values    

Children as Intercultural Mediators    


Essay: By Awa Abdi, Ph.D.

Chapter 6: Conclusion: Positioning Families in Global Landscapes

Beyond the Second Decade of the Year of the Family     

Global Socio-economic Disparities and Family Well-Being    

Human Rights and Family Rights    

Conclusions:  A Post-Family Global Society?    

Essay: By Marsha Freeman, Ph.D.

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