GO! with Microsoft Excel 2010 Introductory & Student Videos for GO! with Microsoft Excel 2010 Introductory

By Shelley Gaskin, Alicia Vargas, Suzanne Marks

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Mar 15, 2011

Components of the Package:

Student Videos for GO! with Microsoft Excel 2010 Introductory
By Shelley Gaskin

GO! with Microsoft Excel 2010 Introductory
By Shelley Gaskin, Alicia Vargas, Suzanne Marks


For introductory computer courses on Microsoft Excel 2010 or courses in computer concepts with a lab component on Excel.


Teach the course YOU want in LESS TIME! 


The primary goal of the GO! Series, aside from teaching computer applications, is ease of implementation. This approach is based on clearly defined projects for students and a one-of-a-kind supplements package for instructors.


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Table of Contents

GO! with Excel 2010 Intro
Table of Contents

Common Features Chapter 1 Using the Common Features of Office 2010
Scenario: Oceana Palm Grill
Project 1A: Menu Plan

Objective 1      Use Windows Explorer to Locate Files and Folder
Activity 1.01     Using Windows Explorer to Locate Files and Folders

Objective 2      Locate and Start a Microsoft Office 2010 Program
Activity 1.02     Locating and Starting a Microsoft Office 2010 Program

Objective 3      Enter and Edit Text in an Office Program
Activity 1.03     Entering and Editing Text in an Office Program

Objective 4      Perform Commands From a Dialog Box
Activity 1.04     Performing Commands From a Dialog Box

Objective 5      Create a Folder, Save a File, and Close a Program
Activity 1.05     Creating a Folder, Saving a File, and Closing a Program

Objective 6      Print a File
Activity 1.06     Printing a File

Project 1B: Memo

Objective 7      Open an Existing File and Save it With a New Name
Activity 1.07     Opening an Existing File and Saving it With a New Name

Objective 8      Explore Application Options
Activity 1.08     Viewing Application Options

Objective 9      Perform Commands from the Ribbon
Activity 1.09     Performing Commands from the Ribbon
Activity 1.10     Minimizing and Using the Keyboard to Control the Ribbon

Objective 10   Apply Formatting in Office Programs
Activity 1.11     Formatting and Viewing Pages
Activity 1.12     Formatting Text
Activity 1.13     Using the Office Clipboard to Cut, Copy, and Paste

Objective 11   Use the Microsoft Office 2010 Help System
Activity 1.14     Using the Microsoft Office 2010 Help System in Excel

Objective 12   Compress Files
Activity 1.15     Compressing Files


Chapter 1 Creating a Worksheet and Charting Data
Scenario: Texas Spectrum Wireless

Project 1A: Quarterly Sales Report with Embedded Column Chart

Objective 1      Create, Save, and Navigate an Excel Workbook
Activity 1.01     Starting Excel and Naming and Saving a Workbook
Activity 1.02     Navigating a Worksheet and a Workbook

Objective 2      Enter Data in a Worksheet
Activity 1.03     Entering Text and Using AutoComplete
Activity 1.04     Filling a Series with Auto Fill and Using Excel Keyboard Shortcuts
Activity 1.05     Aligning Text and Adjusting the Size of Columns
Activity 1.06     Entering Numbers

Objective 3      Construct and Copy Formulas and Use the Sum Function
Activity 1.07     Constructing a Formula and Using the Sum Function
Activity 1.08     Copying a Formula by Using the Fill Handle

Objective 4      Format Cells with Merge & Center and Cell Styles
Activity 1.09     Using Merge & Center and Applying Cell Styles
Activity 1.10     Formatting Financial Numbers

Objective 5      Chart Data in a Column Chart
Activity 1.11     Charting Data in a Column Chart

Objective 6      Prepare a Worksheet for Printing and Close Excel
Activity 1.12     Changing Views, Creating a Footer, and Using Print Preview
Activity 1.13     Deleting Unused Sheets in a Workbook
Activity 1.14     Printing a Worksheet
Activity 1.15     Displaying, Printing, and Hiding Formulas

Project 1B: Inventory Valuation

Objective 7 Check Spelling in a Worksheet
Activity 1.16     Checking Spelling in a Worksheet

Objective 8      Enter Data by Range
Activity 1.17     Entering Data by Range

Objective 9 Construct Formulas for Mathematical Operations
Activity 1.18     Using Arithmetic Operators
Activity 1.19     Copying Formulas Containing Absolute Cell References

Objective 10 Edit Values in a Worksheet
Activity 1.20     Editing Values in a Worksheet
Activity 1.21     Formatting Cells with the Percent Style

Objective 11 Format a Worksheet
Activity 1.22     Inserting and Deleting Rows and Columns
Activity 1.23     Adjusting Column Widths and Wrapping Text

Chapter 2 Using Functions, Creating Tables, and Managing Large Workbooks
Scenario: Laurales Herbs and Spices

Project 2A: Inventory Status Report

Objective 1      Use SUM, AVERAGE, MEDIAN, MIN, and MAX Functions
Activity 2.01     Using the SUM and AVERAGE Functions
Activity 2.02     Using the MEDIAN Function
Activity 2.03     Using the MIN and MAX Functions

Objective 2      Move Data, Resolve Error Messages, and Rotate Text
Activity 2.04     Moving Data and Resolving a # # # # Error Message
Activity 2.05     Rotating Text

Objective 3      Use COUNTIF and IF Functions and Apply Conditional Formatting
Activity 2.06     Using the COUNTIF Function
Activity 2.07     Using the IF Function
Activity 2.08     Applying Conditional Formatting by Using Highlight Cells Rules and Data Bars
Activity 2.09     Using Find and Replace

Objective 4      Use Date & Time Functions and Freeze Panes
Activity 2.10     Using the NOW Function to Display a System Date
Activity 2.11     Freezing and Unvreezing Panes

Objective 5      Create, Sort, and Filter an Excel Table
Activity 2.12     Creating an Excel Table
Activity 2.13     Sorting and Filtering an Excel Table
Activity 2.14     Converting a Table to a Range of Data

Objective 6      Format and Print a Large Worksheet
Activity 2.15     Printing Titles and Scaling to Fit

Project 2B: Weekly Sales Summary

Objective 7      Navigate a Workbook and Rename Worksheets
Activity 2.16     Navigating Among Worksheets, Renaming Worksheets, and Changing the Tab Color Worksheets

Objective 8      Enter Dates, Clear Contents, and Clear Formats
Activity 2.17     Entering and Formatting Dates
Activity 2.18     Clearing Cell Contents and Formats

Objective 9      Copy and Paste Cell Contents
Activity 2.19     Copying and Pasting Cell Contents

Objective 10   Edit and Format Multiple Worksheets at the Same Time
Activity 2.20     Grouping Worksheets for Editing
Activity 2.21     Formatting and Constructing Formulas on Grouped Worksheets

Objective 11 Create a Summary Sheet
Activity 2.22     Constructing Formulas that Refer to Cells in Another Worksheet
Activity 2.23     Changing Values in a Detail Worksheet to Update a Summary Worksheet

Objective 12 Format and Print Multiple Worksheets in a Workbook
Activity 2.24     Moving and Formatting Worksheets in a Workbook
Activity 2.25     Printing All the Worksheets in a Workbook

Chapter 3 Charting Data
Scenario: City of Orange Blossom Beach
Project 3A: Pie Chart
               Objective 1       Create a Pie Chart and a Chart Sheet
Activity 3.01      Calculating Percentages
               Activity 3.02      Using Formula AutoComplete
               Activity 3.03      Creating a Pie Chart with a Chart Sheet

Objective 2      Format a Pie Chart
Activity 3.04     Applying 3-D to a Pie Chart
Activity 3.05     Rotating Slices in a Pie Chart
Activity 3.06     Exploding and Coloring a Pie Chart
Activity 3.07     Formatting the Chart Area of a Pie Chart
Activity 3.08     Inserting a Text Box in a Chart

Objective 3      Update a Chart and Insert WordArt
Activity 3.09     Updating a Chart
Activity 3.10     Inserting WordArt in a Worksheet

Objective 4      Preparing a Chart Sheet for Printing
Activity 3.11     Preparing and Printing a Chart Sheet

Project 3B: Line Chart

Objective 5      Design a Worksheet for What-If Analysis
Activity 3.12     Using Parentheses in a Formula
Activity 3.13     Calculating a Value After an Increase

Objective 6      Perform What-If Analysis
Activity 3.14     Performing What-If Analysis
Activity 3.15     Using Paste Special

Objective 7      Compare Data with a Line Chart
Activity 3.16     Creating a Line Chart to Compare Data



Chapter 4 Use Financial and Lookup Functions, Define Names, and Validate Data
Scenario: Rubanne Specialties

Project 4A: Amortization Schedule

Objective 1      Use Financial Functions
Activity 4.01     Inserting the PMT Financial Function

Objective 2      Use Goal Seek
Activity 4.02     Using Goal Seek to Produce a Desired Result
Activity 4.03     Using Goal Seek to Find an Increased Period

Objective 3      Create a Data Table
Activity 4.04     Designing a Two-Variable Data Table
Activity 4.05     Using a Data Table to Calculate Options

Project 4B: Quarterly Cost Report and Lookup Form

Objective 4      Define Names
Activity 4.06     Defining a Name
Activity 4.07     Inserting New Data in a Named Range
Activity 4.08     Changing a Defined Name
Activity 4.09     Creating a Defined Name by Using Row and Column Titles

Objective 5      Use Defined Names in a Formula
Activity 4.10     Using Defined Names in a Formula

Objective 6      Use Lookup Functions
Activity 4.11     Defining a Range of Cells for Lookup Function
Activity 4.12     Inserting the VLOOKUP Function

Objective 7 Validate Data
Activity 4.13     Creating a Validation List

Chapter 5 Managing Large Workbooks and Using Advanced Sorting and Filtering
Scenario: Capital Cities Community College

Project 5A: Large Worksheet

Objective 1      Navigate and Manage Large Worksheets
Activity 5.01     Using the Go To Special Command
Activity 5.02     Hiding Columns
Activity 5.03     Using the Go To Command
Activity 5.04     Arranging Multiple Workbooks and Splitting Worksheets

Objective 2 Enhance Worksheets with Themes and Styles
Activity 5.05     Changing and Customizing a Workbook Theme
Activity 5.06     Creating and Applying a Custom Table Style

Objective 3      Format a Worksheet to Share with Others
Activity 5.07     Previewing and Modifying Page Breaks
Activity 5.08     Repeating Column or Row Titles
Activity 5.09     Inserting a Hyperlink in a Worksheet
Activity 5.10     Modifying a Hyperlink

Objective 4      Save Excel Data in Other File Formats
Activity 5.11     Viewing and Saving a Workbook as a Web Page
Activity 5.12     Saving Excel Data in CSV File Format
Activity 5.13     Saving an Excel Data as a PDF or XPS File

Project 5B: Sort, Filter, and Outline a Database

Objective 5      Use Advanced Sort Techniques
Activity 5.14     Sorting on Multiple Columns
Activity 5.15     Sorting By Using a Custom List

Objective 6      Use Custom and Advanced Filters
Activity 5.16     Filtering by Format and Values Using AutoFilter
Activity 5.17     Filtering by Custom Criteria Using AutoFilter
Activity 5.18     Inserting the Sheet Name and Page Numbers in a Footer
Activity 5.19     Filtering by Using Advanced Criteria
Activity 5.20     Extracting Filtered Rows

Objective 7      Subtotal, Outline, and Group a List of Data
Activity 5.21     Subtotaling, Outlining, and Grouping a List of Data

Chapter 6 Creating Charts, Diagrams, and Templates
Scenario: New York-New Jersey Job Fair

Project 6A: Organization Charts and Diagrams

Objective 1      Create and Format Sparklines and a 3-D Column Chart
Activity 6.01     Creating and Formatting Sparklines
Activity 6.02     Creating a 3-D Column Chart
Activity 6.03     Changing the Display of Chart Data
Activity 6.04     Editing and Formatting the Chart Title
Activity 6.05     Adding, Formatting, and Aligning Titles
Activity 6.06     Editing Source Data
Activity 6.07     Formatting the Chart Floor and Chart Walls

Objective 2      Create and Format a Line Chart
Activity 6.08     Creating a Line Chart
Activity 6.09     Deleting a Legend and Changing a Chart Title
Activity 6.10     Changing the Values on the Value Axis
Activity 6.11     Formatting the Plot Area and the Data Series
Activity 6.12     Inserting a Trendline

Objective 3      Create and Modify a SmartArt Graphic
Activity 6.13     Creating a Process SmartArt Graphic
Activity 6.14     Modifying and Changing the Diagram Style

Objective 4      Create and Modify an Organization Chart
Activity 6.15     Creating and Modifying a SmartArt Organization Chart
Activity 6.16     Adding Effects to a SmartArt Graphic
Activity 6.17     Preparing Worksheets With Charts and Diagrams for Printing

Project 6B: Expense Report and Order Form

Objective 5      Create an Excel Template
Activity 6.18     Entering Template Text
Activity 6.19     Formatting a Template
Activity 6.20     Entering Template Formulas
Activity 6.21     Inserting and Modifying an Image
Activity 6.22     Inserting and Modifying a WordArt Image
Activity 6.23     Saving a File as a Template

Objective 6 Protect a Worksheet
Activity 6.24     Protecting a Worksheet

Objective 7 Create a Worksheet Based on a Template
Activity 6.25     Creating a Worksheet Based on a Template