GO! with Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, Comprehensive, and Student Videos

By Shelley Gaskin, Alicia Vargas, Donna Madsen, Toni Marucco

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Mar 14, 2011

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GO! with Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, Comprehensive
By Shelley Gaskin, Alicia Vargas, Donna Madsen, Toni Marucco

Student Videos for GO! with Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, Comprehensive
By Shelley Gaskin


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Table of Contents

GO! with PPT 2010 Contents


Common Features


Chapter 1 Using the Common Features of Microsoft Office 2010

PROJECT 1A PowerPoint File Objective 1 Use Windows Explorer to Locate Files and Folders

Activity 1.01 Using Windows Explorer to Locate Files and Folders

Objective 2 Locate and Start a Microsoft Office 2010 Program

Activity 1.02 Locating and Starting a Microsoft Office 2010 Program

Objective 3 Enter and Edit Text in an Office 2010 Program

Activity 1.03 Entering and Editing Text in an Office 2010 Program

Objective 4 Perform Commands from a Dialog Box

Activity 1.04 Performing Commands from a Dialog Box

Objective 5 Create a Folder, Save a File, and Close a Program

Activity 1.05 Creating a Folder, Saving a File, and Closing a Program

Objective 6 Add Document Properties and Print a File

Activity 1.06 Adding Document Properties and Printing a File

PROJECT 1B Word File

Objective 7 Open an Existing File and Save it with a New Name

Activity 1.07 Opening an Existing File and Saving it with a New Name

Objective 8 Explore Options for an Application

Activity 1.08 Viewing Application Options

Objective 9 Perform Commands from the Ribbon

Activity 1.09 Performing Commands from the Ribbo

Activity 1.10 Minimizing and Using the Keyboard to Control the Ribbon

Objective 10 Apply Formatting in Office Programs

Activity 1.11 Formatting and Viewing Pages

Activity 1.12 Formatting Text

Activity 1.13 Using the Office Clipboard to Cut, Copy, and Paste

Activity 1.14 Viewing Print Preview and Printing a Word Document

Objective 11 Use the Microsoft Office 2010 Help System

Activity 1.15 Using the Microsoft Office 2010 Help System in Excel

Objective 12 Compress Files

Activity 1.16 Compressing Files




Chapter 1 Getting Started with Microsoft Office PowerPoint

PROJECT 1A Company Overview

Objective 1 Create a New Presentation

Activity 1.01 Identifying Parts of the PowerPoint Window

Activity 1.02 Entering Presentation Text and Saving a Presentation

Activity 1.03 Applying a Presentation Theme

Objective 2 Edit a Presentation in Normal View

Activity 1.04 Inserting a New Slide

Activity 1.05 Increasing and Decreasing List Levels

Activity 1.06 Adding Speaker’s Notes to a Presentation

Activity 1.07 Displaying and Editing Slides in the Slide Pane

Objective 3 Add Pictures to a Presentation

Activity 1.08 Inserting a Picture from a File

Activity 1.09 Applying a Style to a Picture

Activity 1.10 Applying and Removing Picture Artistic Effects

Objective 4 Print and View a Presentation

Activity 1.11 Viewing a Slide Show

Activity 1.12 Inserting Headers and Footers

Activity 1.13 Printing a Presentation

PROJECT 1B New Product Announcement

Objective 5 Edit an Existing Presentation

Activity 1.14 Displaying and Editing the Presentation Outline

Activity 1.15 Inserting Slides from an Existing Presentation

Activity 1.16 Finding and Replacing Text

Objective 6 Format a Presentation

Activity 1.17 Changing Fonts, Font Sizes, Font Styles, and Font Colors

Activity 1.18 Aligning Text and Changing Line Spacing

Activity 1.19 Modifying Slide Layout

Objective 7 Use Slide Sorter View

Activity 1.20 Deleting Slides in Slide Sorter View

Activity 1.21 Moving Slides in Slide Sorter View

Objective 8 Apply Slide Transitions

Activity 1.22 Applying Slide Transitions to a Presentation

Activity 1.23 Displaying a Presentation in Reading View


Chapter 2 Formatting PowerPoint Presentations

PROJECT 2A Employee Training Presentation

Objective 1 Format Numbered and Bulleted Lists

Activity 2.01 Selecting Placeholder Text

Activity 2.02 Changing a Bulleted List to a Numbered List

Activity 2.03 Modifying a Bulleted List Style

Activity 2.04 Removing a Bullet Symbol from a Bullet Point

Objective 2 Insert Clip Art

Activity 2.05 Inserting Clip Art

Activity 2.06 Moving and Sizing Images

Activity 2.07 Changing the Shape of a Picture

Objective 3 Insert Text Boxes and Shapes

Activity 2.08 Inserting a Text Box

Activity 2.09 Inserting, Sizing, and Positioning Shapes

Activity 2.10 Adding Text to Shapes

Objective 4 Format Objects

Activity 2.11 Applying Shape Fills, Outlines, and Styles

Activity 2.12 Applying Shape and Picture Effects

Activity 2.13 Duplicating Objects

Activity 2.14 Aligning and Distributing Objects

PROJECT 2B Event Announcement

Objective 5 Remove Picture Backgrounds and Insert WordArt

Activity 2.15 Removing the Background from a Picture and Applying Soft Edge Options

Activity 2.16 Applying WordArt Styles to Existing Text

Activity 2.17 Inserting a WordArt Object

Objective 6 Create and Format a SmartArt Graphic

Activity 2.18 Creating a SmartArt Graphic from Bulleted Points

Activity 2.19 Adding Shapes in a SmartArt Graphic

Activity 2.20 Creating a SmartArt Graphic Using a Content Layout

Activity 2.21 Changing the SmartArt Layout

Activity 2.22 Changing the Color and Style of a SmartArt Graphic

Activity 2.23 Customize the Size and Shape of a SmartArt Graphic

Activity 2.24 Converting a SmartArt to Text


Chapter 3 Enhancing a Presentation with Animation, Video, Tables, and Charts

PROJECT 3A Informational Presentation

Objective 1 Customize Slide Backgrounds and Themes

Activity 3.01 Changing the Theme Colors and Theme Fonts

Activity 3.02 Applying a Background Style

Activity 3.03 Hiding Background Graphics

Activity 3.04 Formatting a Slide Background with a Picture

Activity 3.05 Applying a Background Fill Color and Resetting a Slide Background

Objective 2 Animate a Slide Show

Activity 3.06 Applying Animation Entrance Effects and Effect Options

Activity 3.07 Setting Animation Timing Options

Activity 3.08 Using Animation Painter and Removing Animation

Objective 3 Insert a Video

Activity 3.09 Inserting a Video

Activity 3.10 Formatting a Video

Activity 3.11 Editing and Compressing a Video

PROJECT 3B Summary and Analysis Presentation

Objective 4 Create and Modify Tables

Activity 3.12 Creating a Table

Activity 3.13 Modifying the Layout of a Table

Activity 3.14 Modifying a Table Design

Objective 5 Create and Modify Charts

Activity 3.15 Creating a Column Chart and Applying a Chart Style

Activity 3.16 Creating a Line Chart and Deleting Chart Data

Activity 3.17 Animating a Chart


Business Running Case 1: PowerPoint Chapters 1–3


Chapter 4 Creating Templates and Reviewing, Publishing, and Protecting


PROJECT 4A Instructional Presentation

Objective 1 Create a Custom Template by Modifying Slide Masters

Activity 4.01 Displaying and Editing Slide Masters

Activity 4.02 Saving a Presentation as a Template

Activity 4.03 Formatting a Slide Master with a Gradient Fill

Activity 4.04 Formatting Slide Masters by Adding Pictures and Shapes

Activity 4.05 Customizing Placeholders on a Slide Master

Activity 4.06 Displaying and Editing the Handout Master

Activity 4.07 Displaying and Editing the Notes Master

Objective 2 Apply a Custom Template to a Presentation

Activity 4.08 Applying a Template to a Presentation

Activity 4.09 Editing Slide Masters in an Existing Presentation

PROJECT 4B Commented Presentation

Objective 3 Create and Edit Comments

Activity 4.10 Adding Comments

Activity 4.11 Reading Comments

Activity 4.12 Editing Comments 2

Objective 4 Prepare a Presentation for Distribution

Activity 4.13 Publishing a Presentation in PDF and XPS Format

Activity 4.14 Creating Handouts in Microsoft Word

Objective 5 Protect a Presentation

Activity 4.15 Using the Compatibility Checker

Activity 4.16 Marking a Presentation as Final


Chapter 5 Applying Advanced Graphic Techniques and Inserting Audio and Video

PROJECT 5A Overview Presentation

Objective 1 Use Picture Corrections

Activity 5.01 Using Sharpen and Soften on a Pictur

Activity 5.02 Changing the Brightness and Contrast of a Picture

Activity 5.03 Recoloring a Picture

Objective 2 Add a Border to a Picture

Activity 5.04 Adding a Border to a Picture

Objective 3 Change the Shape of a Picture

Activity 5.05 Changing the Shape of a Picture

Objective 4 Add a Picture to a WordArt Object

Activity 5.06 Adding a WordArt Object and Embedding a Picture

Objective 5 Enhance a Presentation with Audio and Video

Activity 5.07 Adding an Embedded Audio to a Presentation

Activity 5.08 Setting a Trigger for an Embedded Audio in a Presentation

Activity 5.09 Adding a Linked Video to a Presentation

Activity 5.10 Changing the Trigger for a Linked Video in a Presentation

PROJECT 5B Business Photo Album

Objective 6 Create a Photo Album                                          

Activity 5.11 Creating a Photo Album

Objective 7 Edit a Photo Album and Add a Caption

Activity 5.12 Editing a Photo Album and Adding a Caption

Objective 8 Crop a Picture

Activity 5.13 Cropping a Picture


Chapter 6 Delivering a Presentation

PROJECT 6A Informational Presentation

Objective 1 Apply and Modify Slide Transitions

Activity 6.01 Applying and Modifying Slide Transitions

Activity 6.02 Advancing Slides Automatically

Objective 2 Apply Custom Animation Effects

Activity 6.03 Adding Entrance Effects

Activity 6.04 Adding Emphasis Effects

Activity 6.05 Adding Exit Effects

Activity 6.06 Adding Motion Paths

Objective 3 Modify Animation Effects

Activity 6.07 Modifying Animation Effects

Activity 6.08 Setting Effect Options

PROJECT 6B Advertisement Presentation

Objective 4 Insert Hyperlinks

Activity 6.09 Inserting a Hyperlink to Web Page

Activity 6.10 Inserting a Hyperlink to a Slide in Another Presentation

Activity 6.11 Inserting a Hyperlink to an E-mail Address

Activity 6.12 Inserting a Hyperlink to a New File

Activity 6.13 Creating an Action Button

Objective 5 Create Custom Slide Shows

Activity 6.14 Creating a Basic Custom Slide Show

Activity 6.15 Creating a Hyperlinked Custom Slide Show

Objective 6 Present and View a Slide Presentation

Activity 6.16 Hiding a Slide

Activity 6.17 Using the Onscreen Navigation Tools

Activity 6.18 Using the Annotation Tool

Activity 6.19 Creating a Self-Running Presentation


Business Running Case 2: PowerPoint Chapters 4–6


Chapter 7 Presentations Using Tables and Pie Charts

PROJECT 7A Tabular Presentation

Objective 1 Add a Table to a Presentation

Activity 7.01 Creating a Table in PowerPoint

Activity 7.02 Copying a Table from Microsoft Word

Activity 7.03 Copying a Table from Microsoft Excel

Objective 2 Add or Delete Table Rows, Columns, or Cells

Activity 7.04 Adding and Deleting Table Rows

Activity 7.05 Adding and Deleting Table Columns

Activity 7.06 Merging and Splitting Table Cells

Objective 3 Move and Size a Table

Activity 7.07 Moving a Table

Activity 7.08 Sizing a Table

Objective 4 Modify a Table

Activity 7.09 Modifying a Table

PROJECT 7B Chart Presentation

Objective 5 Create and Modify Pie Charts

Activity 7.10 Creating Pie Charts

Activity 7.11 Modifying Pie Charts

Objective 6 Create and Apply a Chart Template

Activity 7.12 Creating a Chart Template

Activity 7.13 Applying a Chart Template

Objective 7 Apply Animation to a Chart

Activity 7.14 Applying Animation to a Chart


Chapter 8 Presentations Using Tables and Publishing Presentations

PROJECT 8A Tabular Presentation

Objective 1 Draw Tables

Activity 8.01 Creating Tables Using the Draw Tool

Activity 8.02 Merging Table Cells Using Table Tools

Activity 8.03 Adjusting Column Widths and Table Size

Activity 8.04 Changing Text Direction

Objective 2 Modify a Table Using the Draw Borders Features

Activity 8.05 Inserting a Table on a Title Only Slide

Activity 8.06 Applying Borders to a Table Using the Draw Table Feature

Activity 8.07 Merging Cells Using the Eraser

Activity 8.08 Filling a Cell with a Picture

PROJECT 8B Outline-Based Presentation

Objective 3 Insert Outline Text from Another Program into a PowerPoint Presentation

Activity 8.09 Inserting Outline Text from Another Program into a PowerPoint Presentation

Objective 4 Create a Video

Activity 8.10 Creating a Video

Objective 5 Copy a Presentation to a CD, DVD, Network, or Local Drive

Activity 8.11 Copying a Presentation Using Package Presentation for CD


Business Running Case 3: PowerPoint Chapters 7–8






GO! with Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, Comprehensive, and Student Videos

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