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GO! with Office 365 Getting Started, CourseSmart eTextbook

By Shelley Gaskin, Robert Ferrett

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Sep 6, 2012

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Teach the course YOU want in LESS TIME!

The primary goal of the GO! Series, aside from teaching computer applications, is ease of implementation, with an approach that is based on clearly-defined projects for students and a one of a kind supplements package.

**This is a one-chapter book supplement that is designed to be packaged with an Office 2010 or Computer Concepts textbook. **

Table of Contents

GO! Office 365 Getting Started

Table of Contents


PROJECT 1A: Using Exchange Online and Lync Online

Objective 1 Make Teams Successful by Using Office 365

Activity 1.1     Understanding Office 365

Activity 1.2     Communicating with Office 365

Activity 1.3     Sharing with Office 365

Activity 1.4     Setting Up Your Office 365 Profile

Objective 2 Manage Email with Outlook

Activity 1.5     Navigating Outlook

Activity 1.6     Composing and Sending E-mail

Activity 1.7     Reading and Responding to E-mail Messages

Activity 1.8     Managing Your Outlook Messages

Objective 3 Set Up Calendars and Contacts Lists

Activity 1.9     Setting Up Your Outlook Calendar

Activity 1.10   Organizing Your Outlook Contacts

Objective 4 Communicate With Lync

Activity 1.11   Signing In and Setting Your Location in Lync

Activity 1.12   Working with Contacts in Lync

Activity 1.13   Sending Instant Messages with Lync

Activity 1.14   Launching a Video Call with Lync

Activity 1.15   Conducting Remote Presentations with Lync


PROJECT 1B: Using SharePoint

Objective 5 Create a Team Site

Activity 1.16   Creating a Shared Team Site

Activity 1.17   Adding Content to a Team Site

Objective 6 Create and Manage a Document Library

Activity 1.18   Creating a Document Library

Activity 1.19   Adding Documents to the Library

Activity 1.20   Organizing Document Libraries

Activity 1.21   Checking Files In and Out of a Document Library

Objective 7 Add and Manage Workflows

Activity 1.22   Creating a New WorkflowActivity

Activity 1.23   Using and Managing Workflows

Objective 8 Create and Manage Sharepoint Lists

Activity 1.24   Creating Lists

Activity 1.25   Customizing Lists

Objective 9 Share Team Knowledge

Activity 1.26   Creating and Using a Discussion Board

Activity 1.27   Creating and Using Team Surveys

Activity 1.28   Storing Team Knowledge with a Wiki

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