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GO! with XHTML Comprehensive

By Annette Duvall

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jul 28, 2006


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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction to XHTML

Objective 1 Explore the World Wide Web

Objective 2 Use a Text EditorObjective 3 Define HTML and XHTML

Objective 4 Create a Basic XHTML Document

Objective 5 Set Up the Body of an XHTML Document

Objective 6 Work with Web Site Files

Objective 7 Plan a Web Site


Chapter 2 Formatting Text and the XHTML Page

Objective 1 Format the Presentation of the XHTML Page

Objective 2 Format Text

Objective 3 Define Colors


Chapter 3 Adding Images to the XHTML Page

Objective 1 Place an Image

Objective 2 Choose Image Types and Sizes

Objective 3 Format the Display of an Image

Chapter 4 Creating Links

Objective 1 Add Links to the XHTML Page

Objective 2 Link to Images

Objective 3 Link to Other File Types

Objective 4 Insert Image Maps

Chapter 5 Creating Tables and Lists

Objective 1 Create a Table

Objective 2 Format a Table

Objective 3 Add Colors and Images to a Table

Objective 4 Use a Table to Lay Out a Page

Objective 5 Create Ordered, Unordered, and Definition Lists

Chapter 6 Creating Forms

Objective 1 Create a Form

Objective 2 Add Buttons and Password Text Boxes to a Form

Objective 3 Process Data from a Form

Chapter 7 Using Cascading Style Sheets

Objective 1 Use Inline and Embedded Styles

Objective 2 Use External Styles

Objective 3 Use Multiple, Class, and ID Selectors

Objective 4 Position Elements with CSS

Chapter 8 Using Frames

Objective 1 Add a Frame

Objective 2 Customize a Frame

Objective 3 Set Up View Options

Objective 4 Add Advanced Frames

Chapter 9 Implementing Multimedia

Objective 1 Add Sounds to a Web page

Objective 2 Work with Video

Objective 3 Use the Object Element

Chapter 10 Incorporating JavaScript

Objective 1 View JavaScript Code

Objective 2 Position JavaScript Code

Objective 3 Incorporate JavaScript Code


Chapter 11 Web Page Control with JavaScript

Objective 1 Program with JavaScript

Objective 2 Understand the Project Requirements

Objective 3 Use Form Controls

Objective 4 Use Functions to Process Selections

Objective 5 Use a Function to Calculate a Valuable Result

Objective 6 Introduce Conditional Processing


Chapter 12 JavaScript Programming

Objective 1 Set Up a Student Registration Form

Objective 2 Set Up an Appointment Schedule

Objective 3 Compare User Input with Expected Values

Objective 4 Provide a Confirmation

Objective 5 Create a Reward Certificate


Case Study 1 Desert Park Zoo

Case Study 2 Tie the Knot

Case Study 3 Dos Colores

Case Study 4 Give a Heart a Home

Appendix A: Web Tools
Appendix B: Design Tips

Appendix C: Color Names and Values
Appendix D: XHTML Elements and Attributes
Appendix E: XHTML Character Entities
Appendix F: CSS Properties
Appendix G: Accessibility

Appendix H: Validating a Web page
Appendix I: Web Hosting Providers
Appendix J: Publishing to the World Wide Web
Appendix K: Publicizing on the World Wide Web
Appendix L: JavaScript Reference
Appendix M: Document Type Definitions

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GO! with XHTML Comprehensive

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